Need a great Mother/ Slave service Provider!


I need a mother/slave/ fanpage expert who can help me grow my personal account with real and quality followers.


  • to gain at least 600 followers per day up to 1k/day
  • Only EU, USA, AU, Canada

Niche: Lifestyle & Travel

Budget: $1500-$1700/month

IMPORTANT: Please provide quality proves.

Thanks and I am excited to hear from you.


You wont get those numbers with that budget honestly. These days you need ALOT of slaves to get those numbers.


In that budget you could get away with a minimum of 100-120 a day.


I could agree with that

With this budget you can easily achieve these numbers with genuine Sponsored ads on Instagram.

Even if that’s possible you’ll risk engagement drops

Is this a joke?


Give me this way and I’ll lick your balls


Okay good to know. what is the pricing to achieve these numbers?

Well, it doesn’t work with any account and also requires consistent posting with value, it’s good for accounts with info products, it works based on a weekly giveaway system.

I haven’t done it myself so I can’t provide much more info on it, but I have spoken with people doing it.


10k$ for 20k-30k targeted followers/month


This would need a ton of money I guess, because as we all know, IG ads give a nice value in terms of ER, but a very low FBR.

After all, it’s written “Sponsored”. Everyone knows it’s an add, and there are way too much ads everywhere nowadays. The “Sponsored” word kill the FBR sadly.

But I guess with some money, it can bring a nice stuff yeah :heart_eyes:

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I agree to this. Your budget seems to tight. Even the cheapest ones I know won’t do it for this price. And people are all talking about increasing prices now that things has got much harder on Insta. I would advice you to increase your budget or look for alternative methods, if quality really is of your concern ad you state.
And remember if the offer is too good to be true, think twice!
Good luck

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Is this the new digital currency to pay off for services :grin::grin::joy:


@Micky Buddy, you can pay services with money, but with some “nature” to :cactus:

Let’s go young, wild & free !


Where do you see that some of the comments are LOOl? I will be captivated for the screen :slight_smile: How it will be, of course I will improve :slight_smile: Regards <3 Peace

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We need more people like you man! Please do not change and do not improve, stay this way. @Arthuditu

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I hope it is not a sarcasm: D I love you <3 PS. Mark Zuckerberg
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