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Happy Saturday all,

We just encountered an interesting request from a new client, they work in a region with many languages, so they want to DM followers offers and invite them to check their new page, how would you approach this when you need to do it in 4 languages? no possible to target by location because the languages are spoken in the same country.

Any ideas to share???

Thanks Gracias

Some regions of the country spoke a specific language? Can you narrow the target to each specific region?

No, not related to region, the problem is that we don’t know which language the person speaks, could be any of the languages spoken in the region.

So we are searching for a creative way of doing it.

to me seems very aggressive but could work

what’s aggressive?

Short text:
Type the whole message in all 4 languages - infront each paragraph add short name of the country and flag (US + US flag), so it stands out for the reader.

Longer text:
DM the user with a message asking him which language he/she operates in (it can be again simple as sending a question with the short name of the country and flag as emoji). After you’ll get response, send him/her the text in the chosen language.
(I believe this can be automated - but I am not certain, since I am not active in a IG botting niche).

Just something that came from top of my head.

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The first idea is interesting, easy to try :wink: Thanks.

Yes the guy before me is right just make all the automatic responses in all languages and let them pick in which language they want to get answered.