Multillogin User? Quick Question

Anybody who has been Successfully Using Multilogin to manage multiple profiles using Multiple IP’s from one machine they have ,
Care to share any advice on what to keep in mind, to avoid bans/PV’s For 6-ish months.

Clearly Mutlilogin is better than Embedded Browsers , Care to share how to set things up , a little safely.

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Where you able to get a answer to your Multilogin questions?. I have the same need for multilogin as you do.

Nah man , got no answers, currently sticking to old adage…test everything.
There’s this amazing post here by henry cooper that says. You must test acc provider/creation methods against proxies.

Why should you , you ask…because that’s your entire fu**ing job.

I understand, but I know we shall find a solution soon. In case you do find a way before me, please don’t for get to share. Thank you for you answer.

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