Multilogin Instagram ACCOUNT CREATION question!

Hey guys, does anyone know about multilogin and creating instagram accounts with their browsers?

I wrote to their support and asked about creating accounts with their service, and if they have new fingerprints that no one have created accounts on before and i got the response ”a complete Fresh fingerprint is sometimes not good at all”

So iam asking someone here that knows.
Are those browsers/hardware abused and have been created on before? And is multilogin only good for management of browsers.

If not it would be a very good way of creating accounts pretty fast.

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Multilogin can be used to create accounts, but you need clean IP’s. And they are correct about the fingerprint.

I made some a long time ago with multilogin, but that was when it was free. I made the accounts because I could, not because I needed them. I had already visited multiple websites with the browsers I was using because I was creating other accounts (Gmail, FB, yelp, etc) so the browsers all had cookies.

Long story short, browser created accounts are not as strong as app created on 4G or mobile.

Just use the methods you find around the forum, you’ll have better accounts.


You are worried that the IMEI on the phone does not change, but think about creating accounts on the PC with Multilogin? Bruh … Instagram is by nature an app for mobile phones. Sure, there are also methods that work on the PC as was mentioned several times in the forum. But the mobile phone is and remains the most natural way on which accounts are normally created. You were already on the right path.

Thank you!

It must be pretty normal behavior creating a account in a browser. Why would instagram be suspicious of a account being created that way? Becouse its way less people using instagram on a computer? I mean it must be many millions of real users creating accounts that way, dont you think?

Sure, some people create via a browser, but those browsers have been used and have cookies. They are referring to the fact that it’s a fresh browser. Are you really going to visit a bunch of websites over several days to make sure the browser isn’t “fresh” anymore? That would slow you down.

If your end goal is to create a bunch of spam accounts via a browser, just use the one in JARVEE. It’s automated at least. Far less time consuming.

You still have a problem with multilogin, you need IP’s. You can’t use the same IP to create a ton of accounts. The ones I created were off Starbucks IP’s etc or tethered. I still have some of those accounts, most of them in fact. I didn’t make hundreds though, just as many as I needed to create a full profile of someone. I think I made about 20?

You asked if someone with experience has done it and what they think. Can it be done? Sure, should you? Try it and see. The main issue you are going to run into is that you are going to create a fingerprint with your PC. If you use multilogin to block webrtc etc, either the account will not be able to be made, it will need PV, EV etc, have a low trust score, or get banned quickly.

If you are so set on asking for advice, and then not taking it, your gonna have a hard time.

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Multilogin have a new thing called cookierobot that collects cookies for every browser automatically.

They also have proxy settings where you could put in your proxies you are going to use in jarvee. Or you could just put your Phone in airplane mode and get a new ip if you only have one 4g connection. Then change to the next browser with a new ip.

Instead of multilogin better if u go with linkensphere, they ve many configurations (also mobile) and they add many new ones - u can put a list of website and automatically the soft will collect cookies - u can export cookies - unlimited profiles and for the IPs at least tether ur 4g data


I saw the cookierobot, haven’t used it yet.

Still, that’s a lot of work for accounts for spamming. If you are going to do airplane mode, just use the methods for a phone.

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Linkensphere looks pretty awesome. Might have to give that a go.


Yes, the team behind seems pretty solid.

Multi was/is a good piece of tool, though with their latest moves and replies on some forums, it seems to me that they have mounted themselves a little too much.

Then now, if u want to pay with crypto they ask for ID verification. Lol.

Im pretty sure that if Instagram or some other big company will ask them something they’ll leak everything in no time.


They are Russian so I don’t think they’ll ever be strong armed. Even if they did, it would be cease and desist. They aren’t really connected to anything so even less worry. I agree with you, taking away the limited free version was a bad idea.

Thanks for the recommendation.


Linkensphere is the same like gologinapp but mor expensive, so i wouldnt recomend it to u