Multilogin vs Jarvee for FB

Hi, Is Jarvee sufficient enough as a Multilogin tool to avoid leaving any footprint?

My FB accounts using Jarvee, one acc/DC proxy from, started getting blocked recently and I’m trying to identify the root cause - whether it may be just the new FB algo or proxy or Jarvee issue?

Also the EB on Jarvee seems to run into issues not showing some texts, redirecting to home page randomly, showing blank white space, laggy at times, so I’m wondering if I should consider using instead?

My main usage of FB is for advertising.

Any suggestions?


Nowadays most people that farm for FB advertising are using multilogin, however keep in mind that if you want to automate it you’ll need to pay €200/month to get access to their hardened selenium and then you’ll need to code a bot for yourself.

Multilogin is better than Jarvee in terms of fingerprinting but multilogin isn’t a bot, it’s simply a tool that masks your browser usage. You’ll need to code for yourself to actually make it a bot.

So you mean Jarvee can leave fingerprints causing block issues?

Many thanks!

In my honest opinion Multilogin’s browser environment is way more polished then Jarvee’s embedded browser in terms of fingerprinting. Not specifically on FB, but in general.

Jarvee is designed to leave no trace of its presence so no one will know you are using it. you should make sure that you set it correctly, have low settings, good proxies and it should be fine.

Do you mean your FB accounts are getting blocked from doing a certain action? or are they getting locked?

Hi @ossi One of the accounts got locked after creating a BM, and FB doesn’t show any option to recover. Another account got blocked without doing any automated actions. I was just using Jarvee as a multi login.

Jarvee won’t ever compare to Multilogin. Both are different tools. Multilogin solely focus on making a unique and real looking profile while Jarvee covers few tracks but not enough for facebook ads.

If your sole purpose is fb ads, you should get Multilogin.

you mean Jarvee leaves foot print?

Of course. Don’t belive me?

Run on 2 EB profiles. The results are same. No fingerprint change on browser level.

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