Multilogin VS Linken sphere


Multi-login and Linken sphere, which software is best to work on Facebook multiple accounts. I intend to use it to send friends requests, can any of the software be of any help to my line of work. I will appreciate your advise and experiences.


There are automation softwares which are allowing you to log in into FB account and use it for sending requests and other stuff.


Thank you for your response. Please can you tell me the automation softwares?


I have used AEZAKMI Browser. They are fresh on this market I guess, because there is no automation. But they are going to sell FB accs + browser for multiaccounting in FB. Cost is less than others


Wow didn’t know about them just saw their website it looks good are they like multilogin ?


I use Jarvee for that purpose…


Yeah, for Facebook they are as good as multilogin I guess


and you don’t get any problem ? How do you do it ?


They are way cheaper and that’s really good finally some russian who save us again


no but i’m running just 4 accounts. But if need more than 5, than just get some good proxies. each account has its browser inside the software, its very easy to manage, because in social profiles tab you have them all listed, along with the actions you can assign to each of them for the day


Ok and how you don’t get a id verification also can you use ads from the enbbed browser of jarvee


yes you can. but you have to warm up the profile before


How many days for warmup ? Do you just buy tge account boom link it to jarvee and start warming with embedded browser ?


I create the accounts. I’m playing very safe and doing 30 days to warm up. that means just liking pages, commenting on page posts and posting pictures or messages on feed.
But note that accounts created from mobile app and using a phone number are more trusted by facebook than those created using emails.