Multiple 4Gs on home machine?

I’m sure this has been asked before, but when searching I normally get threads that are either focused on people using remote VPS to run automation, or get sidetracked without providing answers. It might also be that I’m just too dumb to understand the answers, though (ah, well).

I’m currently running JV on a Win machine, using my residential IP to run 4 accounts on IG without blocks. But I need to scale. I would prefer to keep running JV on this machine, so no need for VPS.

Question is: Is it possible to use a USB hub and multiple 4G sticks, and have JV use each of those sticks for 1 (maybe 2) accounts each? Would I need something like ccproxy to route through different internal IPs? How can I make something like this work?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I would love to learn how to do that as well

Well it is exactly as you said, use ccproxy and you are fine.
I guess @Drav is using such setup, check his posts and i guess you will find some useful info

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Yes unlimited huwaei HiLink dongles on ccproxy on home Windows 10 machine, you might need a licence for Ccproxy after 4/5 dongs. Make sure the dongles are on etc so it doesn’t conflict with your home router.

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Yeah, all whats said above plus be careful if your huawei e3372 dongles don’t have the latest version of the software, as it won’t allow to change it’s IP, so one dongle will work but all other won’t since they have the same IP. Older versions are fine.

Make sure to check “allow multiple IP outgoing” in the ccproxy under network settings


I don’t check it for some reason it make all IP go from same proxy.

@naroha @Drav @PierreDOlain

Thank you very much for your input. Exactly what I was looking for. I’m assuming that in JV I would use the internal IP:port as the proxy, right?

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Correct! 13 chars.

but your internet connection needs a good upload speed or?

I’m doing API actions so it’s already using less bandwidth, but in any case I have a 350Mb down and 35Mb up. More than enough :slight_smile: