Multiple accounts per proxy? New JV settings

So I have been trying to figure out ways to make 4g proxies easier to use on Jarvee. I made two suggestions. One they will implement as soon as possible and the other needs proof that people are interested in this setting.

  1. All accounts on same tag/ proxy will get stopped after a certain number of verifications. This will be great at stopping waves that only hit the proxy its on and won’t stop the whole setup. THIS SETTING IS WILL BE ADDED SOON HOPEFULLY.

  2. Adding a delay between actions on accounts sharing the same proxy. Example. Adding a 2-5 min wait between account operations. (when using 5 accounts per proxy) this will stop accounts acting at the exact same time which will lower blocks and verifications.

Does number 2 sound like a good setting?
If so, let me know in the comment section so I can send proof to Jarvee developers.


I think 2. will add some value and need to be tested. can reduce blocks maybe.

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Yeah. Its definitely more of a theory I have around the waves and blocks that are happening atm.

On my accounts it seems to hit a certain proxy and not all proxies. So delays would help settle some of the issues hopefully. Especially with api which has no max concurrent account limits.

I don’t think proxy is a solver in 2021, we are not in 2019 :slight_smile:
Anyone better be safe.

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Haha yeah, more of a temporary fix

Number 2 sounds like a good idea and I thought of something similar a long time ago but seemed no one was really interested in it. This option makes sense now days especially with everyone using 4G proxies and squeezing more accounts onto 1 proxy.

It would help to have some sort of setting to separate the actions of accounts using the same proxy or under the same tag name. It would help to add more accounts onto 1 proxy thus saving money.

Maybe have a setting like “Only allow up to X accounts with the same proxy or tag name perform actions simultaneously” where the user could input the X number. AND/OR “Delay between actions on accounts sharing the same proxy/tag name by X mins/seconds”

So if you put 5 and 2 for the X above

Up to 5 accounts would perform actions simultaneously while still respecting the delays and starting time settings and after the actions are done it will delay for 2 minutes and then the next up to 5 accounts can work. So if 5 accounts are working and 1 account finishes another 1 account can take its spot after 2 mins rest to bring it back up to 5 again.

Idk if thats possible but something like that :man_shrugging:

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Many people out here are managing to run their stuff without needing what you are suggesting.

Unless the majority or big users of JV complain e.g. people who are successfully running accounts 2000+ then your voice will likely not be heard

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Are you ruining 500+ accounts all on 4g?

Its very easy to run under 50 accounts. Things get harder when 300+ and very expensive.

I know for a fact most big players don’t use 4g to begin with.

Yeah thats exactly what I’m thinking. But it looks as though people either don’t use 4g or run lots of accounts on 4g to want to change the settings.

Just send it as a feature requests anyways, I am sure they’ll take it into consideration and introduce if possible.

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I think this is a great idea, especially since they seem to be linking 4Gs together

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Yeah they will add the first one. But don’t want to add the second unless people are interested.

Too mpsocial is not as social as it once was.