Multiple facebook live streams

Is there any way to run live streams from multiple facebook pages without slowing your computer down??? I haven’t tried it, but I feel like it would make everything laggy.

TIPS for better performance
1.Use nvenc driver instead of X264.
2.Use 720p or even lower resolution
3.Use 30 fps,you can even try 23fps
4.Use lower bitrate. Bitrate is needed for improved quality on fast moving objects,but if you just stream a video or a live poll,you can get away with less.Try 500 and add more if the quality is crap.
These are just tips to improve performance when using OBS ,streaming from multiple opened browsers will also slow down your PC.I suggest you use firefox over Chrome for better RAM management.

I’m going to be streaming a still imagine, an ad actually, from like 6 accounts at once time and I still want to be able to open a new page and promote in groups without my computer acting like it’s going to explode.

The best way is just to try it. When i was streaming it with livepoll it only eats about 10% on a i5 6400 with average settings.