Multiple IG Accounts on multiple Phones? How to do that?

Hey im new in this game and i read a lot in this forum about the proxy thing with instagram. I dont understand why a lot of people suggest to run max 3 accounts on one proxy.

Instagram itself give you the opportunity to manage 5 accounts in their app, so why it could be a problem to use one proxy for one phone?

The next thing is the phone verification, my plan is to buy a real sim and activate the 5 accounts on my telephone, the same thing with the proxies instagram give you the opportunity itself.

I dont use any third party services, liking services or anthing else that can cause a ban.

thank you for your help!

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Yeah, you can run 5 accounts in one app, but can you execute operations on all of them at the same time?

We’re talking about using multiple accounts and doing actions on all of them simultaneously. Something that you can’t do with phone app.

If you plan to use the accounts normally, with “normal” no of actions on them each day, then sure, go for 5 accounts on your phone, you probably won’t have any troubles.


Thanks for the quick response! Ok i get it. But the Proxy thing is still a problem? I would have different sim cards with mobile internet, for that i dont need a Proxy because each phone have his own connection, did i understand this right?

Only problem could be, if im in a different country and im in the same wifi with all accounts i have to use a proxy?

You got that part right.

If you’re gonna use different phones, you shouldn’t be worried. The threads that you read here are related to running 10s or 100s accounts, doing 1000s of actions (follow /unfollow /like) per account. The thing is, you’re reading stuff in LVL1 section of the forum… When you get to LVL2 you’ll see what I’m talking about.


As @Adnan pointed out , it “works” . But once shit hits the fan … you risk all of your accounts .

I highly recommend automation tools for you . If you want to go that route , PM @Adnan , he knows a few websites that provide Instagram automation for a small price tag .


I have created 25 Accounts 1 Month ago, with the same ip, my home wifi and activated with my number.

Should I create new accounts with the new sim/ connection or can I just switch?

I use Hootsuite that’s great for me and enough to automate.

@HenryCooper So as you say once shit hit the fan you mean the up/proxy thing? It would be wiser if i start from new with the accounts, I guess.

I mean once an account gets banned for whatever stupid reason .

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Is it necessary to warm up the accounts when I’m using it this way or is this only a thing when I’m using automatication software?

Since you created all 25 accounts on the same home wifi, I would be slightly careful with doing anything besides normal actions on your phone devices. I would not continue to make new accounts on the same wifi. Using hootsuite or buffer is a solid idea and I dont think a warm up is necessary unless you plan on doing spammy things like a bunch of comments or following batches of users.