Multiple Instagram Accounts for Bilingual site

Hello so this is just a quick question.
I have a blog that has two different URLs that lead to the same content but two different languages. At the moment I have one instagram account for each (Japanese one 2200 followers English one 3700 followers). I was wondering if you guys think it is smarter to have one account and put captions and other material in two languages. Please tell me what you guys think. By the way this is a food blog.

Since you already have 2 accounts, I would suggest you to keep using them both.

You’re reducing the risk, in case one gets banned, you still have the other one and you already gathered decent number of followers, no reason to throw it away now.

I would actually do the UNTHINKABLE and disagree with Adnan :slight_smile:

The market is the same, the content is the same, you are essentially doing double the work maintaining both accounts. If you dedicate the time to only one of them, you should get exponentially better results as you can reply to more comments, strike more conversations, etc.

One account of 10k is better than 2 x 5K. Talking about legit, whitehat accounts of course.

I would pick one as the main one and stick to it. The other one just let it sit, just as a backup. Or make it private.


1 account and use the other as a backup in case of a problem.
Plenty of accounts do multiple languages in the caption including my favorite account

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