Multiple instagram accounts - how would you advise to handle it?

Hey guys, if i need to handle let’s say 10 instagram accounts at the same computer, what would be the best solution?

Should i use programs like multilogin or gologin or would you advise to use android emulator? Let me know!

Suggest to use the emulator

Why? Do you think its better than things like multilogin, go login?

One account runs on one device. That is best solution.

Emulators are more traceable than gologin.

The point of gologin is that each browser spoofs a different deviice

Do not know why you are scared of it. As long as the normal user can use it, you can use it too. And if you define yourself marketer, the actions are different with the normal user, that means it has become unnormal in the eyes of IG, so start the cat and mouse game with IG.