Multiple Phone Verifications At Once

I just opened J and noticed that Instagram is asking over 50% off my accounts for a phone verification. I saved two accounts, but Instagram is no longer sending texts to my one number or any new ones.

  1. Does anyone know why this is happening? They are all on individual 4g proxies.
  2. How do you get through this issue? I’ve even tried new phone numbers and the verification texts aren’t coming through.

Phone verification is normal thing and its good that they send 2 sms to the same number it usual only one sms to verify one account


I don’t think you understand. I have about 12 accounts that all at once got asked for phone verification. I added my number to two accounts and got them unlocked. The next ten won’t work with mine or any other number. Not getting any texts from Instagram. The accounts are basically locked until this problem is resolved.

Do it manually outside of jarvee?

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also still normal and dont worry i used handle with over 200 phone verification everyday the reason you didnt get the sms from the other accounts is unknown for me but with 24 hours you will be able to get it i dont know why but instagram do it ALOT when i add a new number to account for the first time


Which service you’re using for phone verification…Share here or in PM.


i use real sims Yoda, i have tried most of the auto phone verification sites and apps and all are SUCK and will get your account disabled, so i recommend dont use it at all

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Mostly it’s a temp ban. How do you do your PV, API/EB?

there are some action trigger the PV, need to check your setting

I am doing it outside Jarvee. The SMS aren’t coming through.

I first tried with API, then EB, neither sends the text. Then I tried manually from an actual iPhone. Nothing, for any of the accounts.

Update: I actually can’t even access any of these accounts. To the public they look like they’ve been removed.

that is pretty normal when accounts are in PV status

Ok. Then do you know how to PV when Instagram isn’t sending codes to my phone?

I’ve gotten some out, but my J still looks like this:

Anyone know what could even be the cause? I’m trying to prevent this from happening.

Hi Fox,

I’m using online sim. Ru. Mine seems to be OK with and yes I do get account disabled often but not after phone verification so I guess the numbers provided from them are suffeinct? Unless it’s delayed?

Your proxies are likely causing it, or changes you made to proxies

Try using real sims and real numbers works a lot better

You most likely are verification blocked. Either from submitting too many verification requests or the account is already screwed and it’s just pending switching to disabled. Sometimes it gets better in a few days…sometimes never.

Easiest fix if the account is salvageable. Load up the EB and do a password reset.

You’ll still have the run the PV after the reset but now you’ll actually receive texts to whatever number you specify. This works the same for email confirmations when the verification codes never show up.

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