Multiple phones with multiple accounts, action blocks, bans?

hey there! long time lurker, first time poster here. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their day :slight_smile:

TL;DR: will noob boy get banned for having 2 phones growing ig accounts on same home wifi or do i need to use 4g only (phone data)

Soooo… I’ve been growing 5 Instagram accounts on my personal phone and was thinking of getting another phone to grow another 5 or so (I’m doing everything manually)
inb4 just use jarvee and automate it

Was curious if anyone knows if I would run into action blocks? like do I have to keep my second phone on 4g all the time so Instagram doesn’t see multiple actions from my at home WIFI? Can I run another 5 accounts on just an ipad without a new sim card? does it matter? keep in mind i plan to have like 5+ phones eventually.

I use to grow Instagram account back in the day when it was extremely easy so I’m kind of just relearning new stuff to the algorithm. I noticed I can add more than 5 accounts on my Instagram app, I thought you were only allowed 5?

Sorry for the noob questions but would really appreciate a reply and maybe make some friends on here who are also growing theme pages!

Although I don’t have experience with manual growth on the Phone, my personal opinion is that you should have a proxy for another phone because that will already be too many accounts that are running on the same IP address.

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I think you can get away with 2 phone growing accounts manually but not 100% sure, you can try and see, if you start getting many blocks you should switch to proxies.

You misunderstand i think. He have at all phone a separat SIM Card so this is like 1 Proxy but without Proxy Server and maybe wrong settings. So with this Methode he never will have issues about bad Proxies because he use the infrastructure of the real mobile Provider and not maybe bad Proxy Provider where the are Proxysever switch and software i between. So in the end he is 100% real.

Sorry Englisch is not my Nativ Language and i think its also not yours.

Hard to understand for me what you mean exactly. But what i understand.

Yes if you have 1 phone with 1 SIM card
It was that you can handle 5 Accounts. Not at the same time because this is not possible at the APP :slight_smile:
But you can do Action on this Account switch to the next one and make there action. This is what real Social media manager in Company do. And the can to a lot. Just Human Limits are the Limits. So Sleep, eat, work, shit, piss, quality life time etc.

Its new for me that you can add more than 5 Accounts to the Instagram APP is this new? i have to try it now. Thanks. Or you have a Hack to add more than 5 Accounts.

I don’t understand this: “inb4 just use jarvee and automate it” what you mean with this. What is your goal with JV?

So 1 Phone or Tablet with Sim card 5 Accounts
2Devices+2Simcard 10 Accounts
3Devices+3Simcard 15 Accounts

And the limit is your time. More Accounts less action each account. Or are you a magic boy and can stop the time. Or are you Flash :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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thanks! will post results when i get the second phone as a case study for this forum haha

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hahah awesome thankyou so much for the reply!

English is my native language, i guess im just not the most literate… haha…

Im more just scared if i put this second phone onto my home wifi to do updates or whatever that instagram will see that im running 10 theme pages off two phones. I might just try and never, no matter what let the phone have access to my home wifi.

I thought everyone would just tell me to use automation and not to do everything manually!

My end goal is to post once every couple days and just sit back and watch them start snow balling. Ive done this with an account (only 20k) and it was getting so many followers daily, before i sold out and posted ads (got shadow banned). I wanna build an army of theme pages and have a huge network. I know you and everyone on here knows how simple it can be to grow a page and the potentially once it grows! exciting times!!

To find and post content, follow people, reply to dms, engage in my niche it only takes me about 10-20 mins per account. I feel like i could potentially run 4 phones a day doing this 4x5=20 accounts. Im currently running these pages while I work haha

Again thankyou so much for your reply!

How Many Accounts u are using on your Home Wifi and is your Home Wifi 4G “Cube” or DSL Modem/Router?

If you make it Manually i recommend 1Phone/Tablet and one 1SIM Card 4G 5 Instagram Accounts
Home Wifi also 5 Instagram. You can Manage it with the Browser or JV.

Keep in mind if your Phone/Tablet has activated the Wifi-Connection and you enter your Home Wifi Code the Phones will try to connect to the Home Wifi. If you run 5 Account on Home Wifi and you have 5 Phones/Tablets and 5 different SIM Cards that connect with your Home Wifi. Instagram will see that there is a Connection and all 30Accounts are running on one IP and one Wifi 4G or DSL This is absolutly not good and your Trust Score is not more amazing.

Im not shure if you will lose your Account Instantly but i know you will have at this time many issues also if you make manual F/U Comment etc. And your Home Wifi IP get also Flagged so its harder for you to surf safe.

Dont be Scary just be Smart. And make your test and Journeys. Every mistake you make will make you better and better :wink:
If the Accounts are new docent mater i think the first accounts is better just to play. Dont forget if u use the username that you love and you lose the account the username is away.

So that all what i can give you for the Start. Have a nice journey.

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legend! thankyou so much for your responses. ill keep posting on this forum once i get a second phone haha. youre the best!