Multiple Tag Layers - Jarvee

Hello everyone

A neat trick some of you may or may not know when tagging accounts on Jarvee is that you can have more than one tag layer for the same account by separating tags with a comma. This will create a useful tagging hierarchy.

Single Layer Tag

If your clients are all tagged “Client”, and you filter by tag “Client”, then it will only show all accounts tagged “Client

Multi-Layer Tag

If you tag someone “Client, Jess Clients” then you can filter by:

  1. Jess Clients” - This will only show accounts tagged “Client, Jess Client
  2. Client” This will show all profiles tagged “ClientAND will also show any accounts tagged “Client, Jess Client”, as well as other accounts with a second tag layer.

This function allows you to group all your clients under a primary tag i.e. “Client”, but then further group them with subtags, i.e. “Client, Subtag

Hope this helps!


Useful information! Thank you :ok_hand:


It’s my pleasure, Nick!


I need to get enough clients to make use of this first :joy:
Hopefully I can use it in future though.

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You’ll get there. Just keep at it! :smile:

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