Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On One Device?

Just thinking if there is a way to manage multiple whatsapp accounts from one device, it could be my smartphone or in a computer. I tried a couple of app, they can duplicate whatsapp quite easy, but it can duplicate only one, and what i need it is at least more than 20 accounts. I think that if it is easy of duplicate one whatsapp, why can’t i do it with 10? Must exist some program that do this. :thinking:

You can only run up to 2 apps of whatsapp

Check out xdadev and xposed forums, i’m 90% sure there was a module for multiple whatsapp/instagram apps :slight_smile:

Why not just use Memu?

Because he wants to use those apps on his phone.

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Well then try using Memu on laptop and then use RDC to access laptop from your phone

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It is really possible to run multiple instances of whatsapp app on MEMU simultaneously?

Don’t know but you can run multiple instances of Memu

I think running many programs at same time will drain too much ram and processor capacity.
These clone softwares can make a copy of whatsapp easy, you can for example download 2 ou three clone app and duplicate 1 whatsapp with each one. I am looking for a program that crack this funcionality and open for more copies in same space. There must be. If there isn’t, its a good chance for a programmer make money.

I don’t understand why you need so many Whatsapp instances in one device? Spamming the shit outta people?

Anyways, if you will be using more than 1 instance of any social app including Whatsapp, you are risking to be suspended/banned by that social network, because they know your Device ID. No one is running 2 whatsapp apps from one device…

I can run a software that do this in a computer or a remote server too, it does not make any difference for me, I just want to manage all in the same place, like an email colletor.
I just take advantage of the “2 free ad per user” on a local sales website from my country, i can make 1 acc per number and i can not add other contact, because if i do, i get ban. So i put “contact by email or whatsapp only” .

People can work it out as long as it popup in mind. There does exist a program called marketerbrowser that will be able to configure each account with a unique browser fingerprint without limit.