🍄 Life Hacks 🍄

Would be great if people could recommend any life hacks they utilise to save time/money/increase efficiency- whether it be useful for the online or offline world.

I will get the ball running - I use a Chrome extension called honey it automatically adds on any available coupons at checkout. For example on Udemy you can get most courses for $10 by using this extension.

Now it’s your turn!


I am using pretty similar extension called “Giving Assistant” It’s not coupons but cashback , works on ebay, amazon and many other sites, pretty cool stuff, just install and forget )


#Save Money
###Mobile Bandit

  • Its an App for iOS and Android.
  • You can get lots of free food, services, and other stuff from places
  • You can get serious discounts on practically anything locally


  • Online coupon website for lots of products and services

Best Life Hack I ever came upon is a pretty old one.
Carry a Notebook/Agenda with you all the time. Write schedule times for yourself / write down everything that needs to be written. Things in your Phone and PC can easily be forgotten or take too much screen space. A simple Notebook doesn’t.

Try to schedule as much of your life as possible. The less decision making you have to do throughout the day, the better. You’ll sleep like a baby and stress will drop tremendously. Girls will appreciate you more, People will value your time more in business, even your family will love you more.

When you don’t have a scheduled/controlled life you are pretty much a slut available at all times for booty calls.

Now on Extensions as everyone is listing. OneTab has become essential in my life.


I been putting it off for weeks,i was thinking of creating an excel scheduel for my daily tasks,i’m one lazy/deorganized slut.

That OneTab extension seems like adding 3 extra steps to my daily life that i don’t need.Could be usefull for people running low on memory tho.


Get cashback on purchases for many retailers. Share with your friends and get commissions on their purchases.


I will have to check out that chrome extension! I use Swagbucks to save money on my online purchases. Have used it for almost a year now, no problems

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