My 2 cents, why some accounts works better

I have notices 3 things:

  1. high active client account will get block sooner.
  2. Paying ads account will run better with less blocks.
  3. don’t “bot” all day, try keep it 2-6 hours.
  4. not all bot born the same, some can do 2/3 times a day of 60 follow with no wait between follow (like human) and some need 2-10 follow each x minutes (EB).
  5. high followers (bought) or bought likes will make more blocks.


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With the first and the second and the third point agree. I also noticed these trends. About 4 points I do not agree, there are a lot of variables. Most accounts are overclocked within 1-2 days and begin to work stably. In fact, everything that can be done with your hands through the application, all this can be repeated in Jarvee

but they don’t do it like so … for some reason… In my own bot I mimic only human behiver, I get much less blocks, mostly for accounts been in Jv before, or accounts very active.