My account disable as soon after i follow someone

since the other day get a lot verification n soon I verify them and start follow someone it get disable,i can do everything else on the account but as I follow someone I get disable…Can someone explain why this happening to me

Same with me the other day and today, just testing out some stuff since the huge bann wave. Realy weird to get a account blocked just like that after just a couple follows.

The bhw myth ig is dead might have gotten true…For some methods, proxies lol

Need more info

  • Age of accounts?
  • Proxies?
  • Using a link in bio?


I have a couple of clients that had daily PV’s and I turned them off MP. Today is the first day they haven’t got a PV but are unable to do follow. No idea what’s happening and whether this is good or not…

I have a lot of new accounts .
the same disable.

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[stephaniiieee18 a huge ban wave hit everybody since the other day…………….what you think cause it?

I think IG is looking into ppl that follow now

/biffer) trust me is not no proxy or age account or link, is something else