My Account Disabled and IDK why

I’m sure this has been discussed before but my situation is different because I use clean accounts, proxies, one proxy per account and low settings. NO link in bio. Clean numbers and still got suspended and only follow 200 daily.

What could be wrong?

How do you know proxies are clean?
It could be they’re misused on IG before you bought them.

Another reason could be badly created accounts or simply other users/competition reporting your accounts.

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Because the proxies are coming from my own house server.

I’m interested in how ig detected me. Everything was fine then a sudden ban.

I used unique YouTube’s links but same channel, maybe same channel got detected by the crawlers

So have you used links or not? :smiley:
Maybe you just added them too early. If accounts are new that could be a problem.

Some of the accounts has no links and some do. They both got suspended. But not all my accounts got disabled. SO idk what the issue is.

The thing that was all the same was my pictures. But they used mp hard hash changes, so thats the only reason that i can think of where ig crawlers detected same images over these 30 accounts.