My Account got Disabled by Instagram!

My business account got disabled for apparently not following the community guidelines! Does anyone know how Instagram accounts get investigated which leads them to get disabled?

I have seen scam Instagram accounts being ran for years without ban so what caused mine to get banned?

My account was a fitness account, that I ran for around 9 months before it ban!

Do they use bots to disable account or is it actually humans that do it? because I think their has been a mistake somewhere?

The reason I want to know because I was thinking to make a new account but I don’t want to get disabled again!

I appealed and they just said my account went against their community guidelines without stating specially what i have done.

Welcome to Instagram :slight_smile:

Totally automated. If they have humans doing it, it would require a huge workforce, just for this.

Account history / proxy / phone numbers / posting content you don’t own / automation / random glitch in IG / suspicious activity / too many actions, likes, follows, scrapes, dms, comments, etc / people reporting it / posting content that is against the TOS and about 145542 other possible scenarios.

1 Appeal again and again and again, and when you get tired… appeal some more

  1. While you are appealing start, not 1, but 50 more accounts and grow them.

When appealing nowadays, same IP, same day, 10 accounts they will somehow reactiavte 5 and will send a message about logging in problems. When you reply to the logging in problems emails, and same the same photo, they will reply (you have not sent us a photo which match are requirements), but when you take another photo, restart the router to get a new IP at home, they will reactivate it.

There are times they will reply that the account is reactivated but it’s not. Just follow the same procedure when getting the logging in problems emails.

Just keep trying.


Can you explain the new IP issue for account disabled appeal? will use new ip to login email or is using new ip to login instagram account to appeal. Thank you

For the past week or so IG has been on a ban, pv marathon. They’re cracking down on botting. So if you were botting with said account, that’s a good reason why. Not sure if you read my other post in a different thread, but a person I spoke with got hit with 150 phone verifications at once… her verified all of them, and they all got banned 5 mins later. And mind you, they were all on individual ips except 30 of them. I would recommend people adjusting their settings before they end up in the same position.

I have about 30 accounts banned for 2 weeks. I appeal every day by email but not effectively. Is there any way to appeal these accounts?

I haven’t experienced any bans, and I’m running 600+ right now. I would recommend if you continue, or start over get the proper proxies and fine tune your settings… or else you’re essentially doing it all for nothing. Ig isn’t how it once was. Doing 1200 follows, 1000 likes, and everything else under the sink isn’t sensible anymore. You’re just going to get your accounts flagged. Slow it down… run this marathon with me, and let them fools run out of breath trying to sprint.


My instagram account with 153k followers is disabled by instagram on 22 June. Since that day I’m trying to have my account back but no luck for now. I sent them almost 10 different pictures with code but I always get same answer from bot. Is there any hope? Should I try to sent from different IP address? I posted funny pictures and videos on my page, I never used bots… I saw that some people need even a half of a year to get their account back.

hey you did not bot that account?

what proxies were you using?

aggresive settings?

Thanks for your reply,

I have appealed 4 times so far and I get the same email response saying that they will not be able to reactivate the account.

Is this email from a bot? or an actual human?

I just thought I did repetitively contact people for commercial purposes via Instagram direct messaging. Can Instagram Detect dm’s sent?

Cause this is what they could have done me for?

That’s a reply from a bot. Tbh, you’re probably better off just starting from scratch, or buying an account with good engagement and starting over. From what I’ve heard, they’ve been banning peoples accounts for no reason at times. As @aida said, they got banned and weren’t even using a bot. Which goes to show there bot detection system has major flaws. Good luck with whatever your choice is though. Thank God, I haven’t lost any accounts as of recently… I did when I was first beginning my campaign and was learning the ropes, but I’ve learned from others experiences not to get too attached to any of my accounts because as you see they can be taken at any given time, without explanation.


It could be that 100% of bans are automatic today. I think I remember hearing about people working on this for a while so that they can train the bots, and that may still be going on, but chances are you’re banned by a bot.

Your only option to get this account back is to appeal again. If it’s not an important or very well developed account, I would start again.

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This happened to me! I lost a few accounts with over 75k followers. admittedly I was probably breaking the terms and conditions with bot usage However they were my personal accounts and i had been doing it for a few years. I found it very hard to get any assistance from instagram and Facebook. however i found some escalation inks and i spammed the shit out of them every day for about a week suddenly my main account was reactivated and they apologised for the mistake.

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yes dms are the biggest red flag for them. follow unfollow and ike post spamming or story viewing is quite easy to get away with. but commenting, dms and anything with text is quite easy to detect


Hi Klique, since you said that you have many accounts, till now did you have some of them disabled?

I have situation with getting back one of my accounts. So do you have some Skype or email where I can contact you?
Of course if that is ok with you?

Thank you

Yeah I’ve had accounts banned before, but I’ve been doing IG marketing thru automation on IG for going on 5 years now, so its inevitable. But there are different ways and strategies to slow down, or prevent them completely depending on what you’re using the account for.

Only accounts I’ve had disabled were spam accounts used for CPA, and/or affiliate marketing. As for client accounts, or ones that I not selling anything on them they dont get banned. It’s all about managing them properly and responsibly, as well as using hq accounts, proxies with the right settings and you should be fine.

I don’t typically try and retrieve accounts after they get disabled, I have too many running to worry about one here and there… much easier to just replace them. Unless it’s a client’s account, now thats a whole other ball game.

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Thank you for the answer.

I’m new here, so, I don’t know how to send PM on this platform, but I see that I have an inbox on my profile.

Would it be a big trouble for you if you send me some kind of your contact so I can ask you a few more things?

Thank you.

Sure, I’ll DM you. Keep in mind that I dont frequent this forum, and am only really available to answer a question here and there privately. I don’t do mentoring.

I have a private account and it got diabled 5 days ago and I have sent them mails and they have asked to send my picture with a code and everytime they reply with the same message saying, “It looks like your account has been disabled for violating or community guideline and blah blah blah.”
I have been sending requesting by altering my gmail usernames but it feels like an endless loop, sending the picture and getting the same reply again and again.
Can Anyone suggest me what I can do to get my account back?

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