My Account Got Fucked

Hey. Instagram fucked my account on Saturday. Here are some facts:

  • I had 12.5k followers

  • I know exactly why I got taken down (I broke their ToS)

  • I’ve appealed multiple times

  • The @ is @funniesthoodposts, I don’t know whether it’s disabled, or deleted

Can some1 who knows what they’re talking about help me out?

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What kind of content were you posting? Gore?

Your account is probably still there, however if you’re posting 18+ content/gore you’re going to have a difficult time getting it back


Your page was awesome! Appeal every day, pages don’t usually get deleted by Instagram only disabled

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I didn’t get disabled for the content. I sent ppl links to my sponsored apps in the DMs and i was like download for celebrity nudes

U know my page? Thanks lmao. And I just click learn more then answer like 3 questions. Is that what appealing is? If it isn’t how do i appeal

Yeah, sorry to hear about your page. When you try to log into the app you will get a pop up saying “your account has been disabled, click here to learn more” and when you fill out that following form, that is “sending in the appeal.” There are other threads in this forum about how to unban your account, search around you should find all the info you need to get your page back! Good luck

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Ah okay, how long did you have it up before getting disabled? Was it your own hosted domain or someone else’s domain? Could’ve got flagged if other people reported the domain.

The only thing you can do is keep appealing and pray lol. You’re in a tough spot right now.

Appeal and when they send you the automated message with the code - Include the image of you holding the code and write 1-2 lines saying “I don’t know what’s going on, I can’t log on to my account anymore. I think I was hacked, can you please help me out?”

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it’s you who fucked up…not Instagram

I’m sorry for not wanting to read their bible long ToS

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