My account was banned - Admin please respond

I made an account here last night under the name TreyAllOver. I posted responses on 3-5 topics, including SOLID information on how to tell if your proxy is blacklisted, my reviews of SMS services, etc.

I woke up this morning, my account was banned, and my posts were removed.

I am a REAL user who sells on amazon/ebay. I have knowledge on proxies, proxy creation, and SMS.
I want to break into instagram, and possibly buy/sell on this marketplace.

The only reason that I can think of for why I would be banned is that the quality of my information was too high. If people know how to create proxies themselves, then they won’t buy services from admins.

Do you not want people knowing how to check the proxies that marketplace sellers are providing?
Do you not want people knowing how PVA their accounts for cheaper?

I thought the purpose of this forum was to provide high quality information.

I would like a legitimate response as to why my account was banned. If I need to stfu and provide information of lower quality, NO PROBLEM, but I would like to be part of this community as I feel I have a lot to offer, and learn.

Just a heads up, if you ban this account. I will continue to post until I get a reponse. It doesn’t even have to be public - you can email me. Let me know what the deal is guys…

Sorry for your troubles!
I would say to contact support. The team is incredible.

This is definitely not the reason. MP social is all about sharing knowledge. There are a few things that cannot be mentioned in level 1, and there are people who report accounts that seem suspicious or spammy. Most of the time if some rules are broken, the thread is moved to level 2(the private forum).
Maybe this helps!
Support will be able to help you a lot more than any members here though.
Good luck!


from the short time that I am here I have always seen the administrators work very well, you will surely get an answer accordingly.

Looking that profile it doesn’t show that it was banned… so don’t know. If you were posting links and referrals that could be one reason for posts getting removed, assuming a Discourse spam filter automatically stopped you from posting more, which is what I’m guessing probably happened.

I wasn’t posting any referral links. I’m not even setup as an affiliate on any platform.

All my posts have been removed. I can assure you that this account has been disabled.

they ban for different reason, most often to sell or promote products in their self interest. did you try to sell or promote a item/service?

Nope, I posted 3 links. getipintel - dnslytics - and smscodes. I’m not selling anything. As I said, there were no affiliate id’s attached to the URL’s. Just solid information.

those links might be the reason why. frowned on. Contact them or possibly a leader can chime in.

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Level 1 is pretty stringent on selling or posting links to services…

I’m not selling anything. I posted a link to an sms service in a thread dedicated to reviewing sms services. It’s a service I use. As I said, let me know what the rules are, and I can follow. Banning without explanation is not ok.

No body has your answers to your question. No one, we are users and only that nor can we speak on their behalf. Ask @Adnan as that’s the boss. From my experience he is fair and often gives slack but he holds the power not us

You’ve registered and started posting links immediately. It doesn’t sound helpful, it sounds like promotion of your own services. That’s why you got banned.

And I believe this is your 3rd account. I’ll let you go with it now, but if you start with same stuff again, I won’t have choice.


I have done nothing wrong. And I’m not posting links to services I don’t use myself. It seems as if you don’t want links posted. No problem. No links.

What stuff is that exactly, creating an account to get verification on why I was banned?

Clarification on the third account.
1st Account was banned - no warning, nothing.
2nd Account wouldn’t create due to same name as first banned account
3rd Account - new proxy, new browser - creation successful.

I have no services. Jesus you people need to unclench your anuses. Update your terms of service of something, let people know not to post more than 3 links when they first join. Link Nazis I swear.

Don’t blame me, blame the system and other users who flagged your posts :slight_smile:
If all new users would started posting links, how would that look like?


Seems like you have a hard time fitting in guy, maybe you don’t belong here - or in any online community really - especially not with that attitude.

not in your eyes you did nothing wrong. you gotta do things the way things are done here. admin told you ya why, and you still don’t think you did. fine, let it go – enjoy the ride becuase this place has a lot to offer.
um…grow up to and stop being a damn brat

Alex, I don’t spend all day on my computer. I run physical businesses. My time online is limited. I legitimately spent a few hours last night attempting to provide good information in order to rank up my account to access the marketplace. I wake up this morning and my account is banned. Yea, it pissed me off. This system is silly.

Some of us don’t have time to spend all day online chatting about cooking chicken (no offense). I need to buy and sell and learn methods. That’s it.

Yea I think you guys are right. I’ll find another forum. PEACE.

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i fully understand. I work fulltime on another job outside of social media and grow my netowrk alone –
it is two full time jobs. I am here for paypack to the software that helped me reach my level. I owe the cummunity everything including my free time to help. there are methods here you may want and I know there are are some you need too. Welcome and Peace.