My account was compromised but No Block?! LOL

I don’t know why I am still able to like and follow. This never happened before. Usually, I would be banned for 2 - 7 days but all I did was change my password and I can still use Instagram no problem. I even tested a follow, unfollow, and like action on my mobile device. No pop-up.
When the compromise message appeared I was ready for the worst. It prompted me to change my password so I did. The app opened, seemed to be buggy because my account stats weren’t even showing. I was a little scared. :sweat_smile: I immediately closed the app and reopen it. Then the login screen appeared. Before I logged in on my mobile device, I changed the Jarvee password to the new password to validate my account. Once it was valid, I logged into Instagram on my IphoneX and it is working fine. No ban either.

I am going to take some time no automating. This is strange but I am not complaining.

Look my like sticks lol :joy:

Others have reported this over the last week, have noticed it on many client accounts as well.

Really? and nothing happened?
Hmmm so what actions did they take afterwards did you know?

I use every day many accounts that were “Compromised” before. No bans, no more blocks than before. I didn’t notice a difference tbh from my PoV

I’ve had those on some client accounts recently also, but no bans or blocks

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What did you do after the compromise notice?

We let the account rest for 3 days and then scaled back how aggressive the activity was. Been fine since.

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AC don’t lead to full action block 100% of the time. It only happens most of time but not all in my experience

i got a weird one 3 days ago.
I upgraded my main phone(iphoneX) to a bigger new xs max plus, phone restored via apple cloud – went to enter one of my mains – logged in and baam – AC message!. I was pissed, changed password to login, went to help and reported a problem asking why in some pissed off language – went to instagram facebook page and said why in a long message on most recent post – then went to facebook help support and bitched them out again. so far no throttles, no shadows and its growing the same. just weird.

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I got a weird one too. I haven’t automated on my main for 10 days (first 7 days were due to full block), didn’t even log in anywhere else but on my own iPhone. Did completely manual F/UF for 2 days after 7 days then BAM AC.


You weren’t using automation? And still got Account compromise. Instagram must be drunk like a sailor

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Ya, it’s ridiculous. Not even a login on another device beside my iPhone. The only thing I can think of is I get a new IP on my iPhone maybe a couple times a day because I have been traveling a lot for 2 weeks.