My account was disabled Help

When I logged in today it popped up a dialog box saying that error your password has been changed by someone. I tried to login to my account then it is showing error your account has been disabled someone please help.

Where does it say the account was disabled?
Looks like you were hacked.
Check if you still have acces to the email, if you got a recent email that your password was changed click “revert this acction”

Naah I didn’t upload SS of that. But it is disabled.

Click on learn more, and do an appeal. FB will send you back an email asking for you to take a selfie with a code. Do it, you’ll have it restored in 5 days. Would you care to give some more info as to what got your account in this state? How many follows were you doing, were they manual? Any automation? It also might have been reported for copyright and that trigered disabled. Usually they’ll just restore your account back. I have one that was disabled 2 times in the span of a few months… for too many follows and such. Cheers!

Do you know why it was disabled? If it was just for automation I can help you get it back.

How many follows were you doing for it to get disabled? You did not receive any action blocks before getting disabled?

I did not recieve any warning for any post it directly disabled my account. And for note I didn’t use any bot it was organic growth.

Then, that disabled you got is weird, when mien got disabled first time back in the day I remember it had 16k Followers, and I remember soecificly, there eas an idiot that DMed prior to the account getting disabled saying “if you unfollow me one more time I will report you”, upon imediately receiving that threat in DM I unfollowed and blocked that piece of sht and next few h, my account was disabled so I figured his report triggered the disabled. After doing the appeal, insta reinstated the account and apologized saying the disable was triggered automatically by their algorithm. So rest assured it’s most probably automatically triggered. Cheers!

I think the reason you got disabled is for the content you were posting on the page. Multiple people must have reported you either for sexual content and nudity or for using content that doesn’t belong to you.

yes that’s a good reason to be disabled for, did you contact their support?

Hey I just read your issue and I’ve had the same thing happen to me. My girlfriend and I got into a disagreement and I’m sure its something me or her said that triggered the algorithm and I know my account has been reported in the past for jokes but I’m certain my IG got disabled due to my DM’s . If anyone knows how to help that would be much appreciated. I’ve already appealed using their forms and no luck.

What exactly did you send through DM? did you send links to many users?

Did IG get back to you after you appealed through their forms?

A single account reporting doesn’t hit your account. What i can imagen is that user asked his followers to report you. A profile getting hit by many reports usually gets disabled.

This is the error message you get before an account is disabled. I doubt anyone has hacked your account if you’ve not had any notifications in your emails with ‘you changed your password’ or ‘you’ve logged in’.

You’re only option now is to get it unbanned.
Dm me for more about this. :+1:

I filled that form and received a code. I sent a photo with code but I didn’t get any reply from them. I got a automated reply that it looks like your account was disabled.

I’m not able to send you dm