My account was hacked . How can I bring it back

Hey . My account was hacked while I give my information by a spamming mail. And the hacker changed my email and password . Pls help me

report it to IG with your old info mail/ psw & phone i guess they can help

Did you attach a Phone number to the account? Easiest way to recover it :slight_smile:

He changed my phone number

Report it as hacked from couple of profiles and contact IG support too.

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With the original Phone number and the “Trouble logging in” on Android or “Forgot Password?” on iOS you can mark it as hacked and get it back like @Adnan and @said_L.O.M said :slight_smile:

that didnt work for me i think they disabled their support window. It always keeps saying that there is an error and try again in a few minutes

You need to contact IG support, that’s the only way.