My account was hacked

Please some one help me, request support isn’t working

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What happened? How did it get hacked?
Try to follow some of these steps:

Hi thnaks for reply,
This way did not help me, I have to send the form , I haven’t request support ,

Yes, what should I do now?


Thanks dear ossi

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Best to send your personal Info via PM instead

• Personal account with photo of me
• my account was hacked
This information is enough?

My account was hacked and the request support does not open What should I do?

It seems that Instagram support is filled with different types of requests and that they are very slow with replying. Did you try to follow the steps they recommend when the account gets hacked?


That doesn’t work

If you bump an older thread, maybe provide some info on what didn’t work for you :smiley:

@ossi hello, sorry to bother. Saw that you were helping people get their ig account back by filling out the support request from. Could you dm me so I can send you my info?