My accounts are getting password reset

hello everyone , few days ago , my accounts new and old got pass reset , almost all accounts , 2k . i only do dm , and until few days ago i did not take any pass reset .
i started a new test , using accounts created by hand on app and using jarvee + residential proxies.i rest them one day and i start sending dm , 3 dms each account , only few got pass reset , after 3 dms , almost all accounts got pass reset …
Ok, pass reset is not the big problem , the problem is that after i do pass reset , but accounts get dm block ,a severe block …and accs are fresh . before this period , accounts died if i didn`t warmed up them , now , they get dm block .
anyone face this problem ?
thank you

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Are you talking about an “Account Compromised” checkpoint ?

oh yes , account compromised

Then, either reduce your amount of DMs, or stop using your residential proxies. Do some split tests with different kind of proxies (resi/mobile ones) + different kind of settings.

In 2-3 weeks max : :chart_with_upwards_trend: :rocket:

until few days on 2k accounts no one got compromised . i used the same providers of proxies , i used ipv4 and worked fine , just until few days ago …i created accounts with the app yesterday , today i start to dm , and why to get acc compromised after just few dms ? i dont send links or mother account . i`m wondering if ig changed something on sending dm to non …

I think your comment got cut off but just to check, you sent DMs with the newly-created accounts? Did you use the same exact message text for all accounts? If yes, that could be one factor since the message is entirely the same. We recommend using spin syntax in that case.

Also, were the new accounts established to be human-like (eg. with bio, profile pic, like/follow/comment activities before sending the DMs)?

And since you have a number of IG accounts used, make sure that these accounts do not have the following in common:

  • The same bio description.

  • The same link, or redirecting to the same landing page.

  • Posting the same images.

  • Using the same Caption for the posts.

  • Sending the same message if you are using the contact tool.

  • Commenting using the same comment if you are using the comment tool.

  • Using more than 2 accounts from the same IP or Proxy.

fresh new accounts can’t send DM at a massive scale anymore… i tried on the official IG app and it also gives AC

you need legit account, with high trust score (bio, name, aged, photos) to do so now

Would you mind telling us if what are the settings you use for the DM tool?

Are you using aggressive settings via Jarvee?
it usually happen when you abuse the system with too many DMs.

How many DMs are you sending? I assume up to 10 DMs per day shouldn’t be a problem?