My accounts got banned when I added the bio link after a couple hours?

Hey you guys!
Yesterday, I added the link in my bio for 30 accounts. 5 accounts with the same link. And I used 3 accounts per proxy. (average per account about 800-1000 followers)
And after that you know, 20/30 accounts got banned after 120 minutes. I have no ideas with that. My link was a small business store and I tried to scale my link store to many different links with and
Can you guys give some ideas to deal with that or some methods to add the link in the bio? Thank you so much!

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I think your mistake was adding 5 urls to 1 accs in the same time, you should wait a little and in one day just add 1 link to one account and maybe next day same link to new account…

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Never use the same link on multiple accounts to be safe. And use 1 proxy on 1 account. It’s better safe to be sorry!

Good luck!


You used the same landing page on 30 accounts and only used link shorteners to hide the footprint? From my understanding, IG’s crawlers will still read them all as the same website.

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@dma0245 @ErikL @obik69
Thank you for your reply!
And do you guys have a good method to deal with it?
If I just have one store with one link and I wanna promote it on 30 IG accounts?

Use a service like linktree, or similar. These are not just URL shorteners, they also cloak the link pretty decently, unlike bitly and tinyurl.

EDIT: Plus, with Linktree, you can link people to different pages on your website, or even two different websites with one link.