My Bing Stats but no sales

Campaign was approved around 8 hours ago and these are my stats -

But no sales.

The niche is quite popular but no conversions. Only 1 order form fill and then abandoned. What am I doing wrong?

NB: Sorry if this is this is the forum category for this topic. I think the forum should have its own PPC section.

thats not that many clicks also link your website most likely a problem with the website

so you got 31 click and complaining why dont sell, seriously. I don’t think this forum needs a PPC section, It need to get people like you banned.

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You need at least 1000/1500 clicks and a very very very good sales page

Yeah I second @tradekozy … you need more clicks

It’s only 31 clicks bro.
Okay, you can do the math.
How much conversion rate the CPA/PPC in your link?
You need at least 1000 clicks and great slaes page.