My client and I have problem logging into his account

When trying to logging into the account I get this message.
when I press okay it says there is a problem please try again.
the account havent been banned or deleted cause I can see the account when trying to search And no picture has been removed at all. What do you think is the issue ? This is the link to the picture

Its been like that for a week already, cant access the account at all but you can find it on the Search.

Are you sure the client cant access it? I had a similar experience where the client blocked my access and told me he didn’t…

Yeah, he surely cannot access the account. anyone here experienced this before? might be a bug? any way around it?

Does anyone have any suggested solution for this ?

Try to log in using another phone! Sometimes, it is a little bug that doesn’t allow you to login, but once you login from another phone, everything is solved.

I tried to login using another phone, still doesnt work. Anything else u would suggest ?

How can he block your access if you have accessed from your device or software before?

There’s an option to log out all sessions apart from the current one.

It was just a bug and we can aceess the account again finally, the thread can be closed :slight_smile: