My clients account got hacked because of his foolishness, how can I get it back?

So, as the title suggests - My clients account was compromised and it was at 55k followers and is a very famous brand in its niche.

My client got a call from a person who said that his account will be de-activated soon if he doesn’t change his email soon and tell them the code he receives for verification… He foolishly changed to his other email and then he got a code from Facebook which he told to the hacker and his account was hacked. The hacker then called and asked for money to give the account back but I don’t think he will give anything back and only ask for money constantly. The hacker has deactivated the account of my client for now.

So my client reached out to me to ask for help and I didn’t know much about it. I researched this forum and came across a form which activated deactivated accounts and I asked my client to fill in the form and provide each and every document they ask for. We haven’t received any reply so far so I thought I’ll ask my fellow experienced members how I can get the account back. Is there anyone who can help us get the account back faster? We wouldn’t mind paying for faster actions tbf.

Any advice will be helpful!

Thank you.

Check your PM (more car)

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Why are you not releasing that info publicly? I think we can all benefit from your insights

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Against the MP Social rules (I think)…

instagram support is your only hope.


Instagram Support Center will be helps you in this situation.

bump, can anyone give me a better way of contacting Instagram support?

If you have access to the original registration email you can easily get your account back by filling in a form (hacked)…

Which form are you talking about here mate? Can you link me that form?

I do have access to everything original as well!