My dad's account got disabled right after registration wtf lol

This was so ridiculous I wanted to laugh: my dad lives in China where IG is banned. And lately he went abroad for a business trip and thought he could register an IG account just to see what on earth I post on this thing called instagram.

So yesterday he made the registration while being abroad, and several hours later he was asked to reset his password. And today when he woke up and thought he was going to follow me, out of nowhere he got the notification that his account is disabled for “violating IG’s terms of use”. :sweat_smile:

My dad had never used IG before, since he lives in China. Nor was he following anyone or liking anything. So the loss of his account doesn’t really matter, but it seems to suggest that IG is now on paranoid mode: it seems IG’s mentality is that they’d rather make 100 innocent accounts disabled than letting one guilty one get away.

Hope it makes you feel better if your precious account(s) also got disabled for not doing anything wrong. I mean, it can’t get more absurd than this, can it? :wink:

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That sounds unbelievable!
Could you please advice, if he used his local (Chinese) SIM card for registration?

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Yes he did. Maybe that’s the problem then. :slight_smile:

Well he simply registered an account with his phone like any normal IG user and had not even used the account. For sure we can always find a “reason” for the ban, but I don’t think this is normal for any other social media. Maybe we are so used to having accounts disabled by IG we forgot how ridiculous it actually is. Imo IG now makes the user experience feels like living in a stereotypical totalitarian regime.

I’ve had it happen on a brand new phone using 4G, it’s just Instagram being Instagram.

Though I’m going to take a guess that the Chinese IP is what caused it, considering it’s blocked there.

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It could be just that. And I am now moving to a new home. I hope I don’t have my account disabled too simply because my home ip address will change lol. I have only one account for personal use, no botting no proxy or whatsoever. But who knows about IG lol

I like that IG makes the users walk on eggshells all the time and the users always need to find the reasons to blame themselves when they lose their accounts while IG doesn’t need to give a shit. Maybe one day enough people will get tired of this BS.

It’s just the company Facebook has become, you’ve gotta work within their radical morals and illogical stances on censorship and control over data, it’s how they’ve transformed over time. You can’t win, and if you don’t want to “lose”, you’ve gotta figure out how to get by with whatever they throw at you.

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I had the exact same thing happen to some of my slave accounts. I use a service to phone verify my accounts and some got disabled when I tried to PV them. I have no idea why, the customer support of the PV service said it’s probably because I verified a couple of profiles from the same proxy. I was doing 2-3 accounts per proxy.

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Well said bro!

That’s totally different case.

Had no idea Instagram was banned over there. So would you guys advise to not use an SMS from that area?