My engagement is very good but i am not growing!

Hello everyone i have a travel instagram page with almost 6000 followers and i have a engagement of 30% but i cant grow with my viral going posts. if anyone have some helpful tips on how to get followers out of my posts please share them.

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  1. Make sure to have 20-25 hashtags that are fresh and not always repeated within your niche

  2. Engage with your followers in the caption such as asking a question, this helps bring more engagement and likelihood of hitting explore

  3. You can SFS/Engagement with others in your niche to help boost posts. Also collaborate with others that are similarly in your niche as well

thanks a lot but how can i find fresh hashtags every time with the same result?

Removed MPSocial competition by Henry Cooper

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I use this

30% engagement on 6K followers means really nothing honestly… When you have few followers it’s very easy to have above the average engagement… This being said a lot of influencers are bleeding followers and it doesn’t matter which hashtags you use. You’ll keep bleeding then until Instagram decides otherwise.

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But on the last couple videos i had all above 40k views and 4k likes but i didnt grow much. How do i get more followers out of my posts?

I find it hard to believe that with 40K views and 4K likes you didn’t grow IF those numbers were organic, so no engagement pods or crap like that…

you could add a call to action like “Follow me” in your captions and bio

How many followers did you actually get from that post?

Like @mithrandir said, you should be getting followers if you’re truly reaching non-followers and you have good content.

So just to clarify - you believe that there is nothing to be done here and it’s all in the hands of Insta?

I wouldn’t agree, as in my experience, there’s always a workaround with their algorithms.

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can’t agree more , i’ve been reading on here many people say that nothing’s wrong whit what they’re doing allthough they rise a problem and they dont want to suspect the actions or the subject that leads to such result

its not magic at all and can’t stress it enough people behviours isnt easy to predict but when you narrow down the thing that matter you start to see pattern if not atleast you come out with some conclusions which are backed and resulted by the actions you’ve done nothing less nothing more , you 've your cards to play with and your strategy how you play so its not the rules at all and if you saif it is then its over you take back your questionning and be satisfied with the actual result
and yes i’ve seen such thing in one of my accounts my reach was not big but big than usual and when i faced your problem and asked your question i started analyzing my content i realize that what i post was appealing to mosly everyone and i guess thats a fault of how breath taking were the post cus in reality whi does not like a nice looking moutain with a lake and green space etc so i kinda moved aways from this type and i try to post something that will interest only the people in my nich and honestly i dont want likes from everyone even its good for me but ibdont want it and i prefer one person who’s interested and will engage will my posts and tag me and maybe can be potentiel buyer for w.e product related to that domain than 10 likers whom are just liking and nothing more

PS the rulers will get more strict get prepared to it and try to find ways to expand yourself after all the only cost is your time so be brave and dare to do things that are unusual and see where they will lead you

It depends. It’s hard to say without seeing the account.

I want to share it but i cant send private messages.