My Facebook accounts are getting instantly banned as soon as I create them

Hi guys.

I’m struggling with creating new accounts on Facebook.

I’m using 1 ‘private’ proxy per account, I’m using the ‘manual browsing’ feature on MP to create the accounts with the relevant proxy, however as soon as I create the account and log in, the account gets disabled :triumph:.

I’m creating gmail accounts and PVA’ing them with physical mobile sim cards, I’m then planning to PVA the accounts with the sims as well.

Previously I bought accounts and used proxies, however as soon as I logged in, they all got banned too :sob:.

Is the problem just that the proxies I’m using are crap or am I doing something wrong? It’s so frustrating :weary:

Does anyone know where does genuinely decent proxies?


That would be my guess.

Just out of curiosity, can you pop one of those SIMs in a phone, install the facebook app & log in from the phone?

I use buyproxies. Nothing is perfect, I guess, but I’ve had pretty good luck with them.

I’ve had similar problems in the past.

So what I do now is:

  1. Go to my local library. Create Gmail account and FB account. Both will require mobile verification.

  2. While in the library, go through (at least) each of the steps FB prompts you to go through (I.e. upload a profile/cover image, update school, employment info.

  3. Come back to the library a few days later. Log in, like a bunch of stuff. Send a few friend requests (that will be accepted).

  4. Login to the account from MP making sure proxy settings are entered correctly. You’ll need to phone verify once again, but that should be it.

  5. Go slow for a few weeks, longer if you can.

It’s a pain in the butt, but I got tired of blowing $5 SIM cards using the dodgy proxies that (no matter where you buy them from) seem to pervade the industry.

I use MP’s recommended proxy provider, highproxies. I’ve got their “Instagram” proxies. They are rubbish proxies!!! Every one of them has previously been identified as “spam” addresdes, with multiple sites including them in spam IP address registers. So much for “premium” proxies.

Frustrating… you can’t even trust somebody dodgy!

So, while they work OK once accounts are created, I burnt quite a few SIMs attempting to create FB - not even Instagram - accounts using highproxies.

+1, I am starting to see this pattern too… which site do you use for checking? I am using: as suggested elsewhere here on the forum but it’s currently not showing the checkmarks for some reason…

Hey @Boink

I use

Apart from providing some good data about your proxies (including if unresolved complaints for spamming, etc exist) it also provides hints and tips to ensure you’re not giving away (DNS leaking) your real (underlying) IP address.

I have MP set up on a VPS, but I like to be able to login to each of the accounts from home occsssionally and add some comments, etc to make them look real.

I use Firefox with proxy details pre-entered for each profile.

Based on my research, Firefox is better than chrome for maintaining anonymity. outlines the steps you need to take (such as disabling webRTC, Java, and aligning system time with that of your proxy) to minimise proxy detection. There’s another couple of settings (which I can’t recall offhand… ). If you lock them all down it’ll give you a 100%. When I started, even though I had entered proxy details into Firefox I scored about 10% and they could easily detect my underlying IP and the fact I was using a proxy.

Hope that helps.


Thank you Arthur it sure does help :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just use the embed browser to make some extra comments and such (that is what I do to look a little more human), wouldn’t that be easier?

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No doubt about your proxys are ** *** * * ** * ** * ** *** *, 99% , no offense, just go and buy new ones in Europe.

When I tested them around one year ago they were all really good, what I still have from them from that time are working ok, unfortunately I can’t test new proxies each month to see how they are doing, I will take a look though as this should not be happening.

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I don’t think I could do that bro, the problem is that the SIM cards don’t have any 4g access, because I’m not actually paying for any data etc, I use my own personal SIM card to use the 4g, if that makes sense.

Cheers for the info mate.

To avoid going to the library, do you think I could create the accounts with my mobile phone 4g instead? I restart my phone and get a new IP each time!

Do you have anyone in mind that’s good mate? I searched for how to create proxies in the hope that I could get my own ones that hadn’t been abused for Facebook, but its too technical for me I feel.

@Boink The embedded browser works just fine, but I can move around a bit quicker in Firefox and upload images from my desktop if I want to without having to transfer them to the vps. That’s all.

The legal way is to buy new ones, in europe m8, or buy VPN it also works but you need to know Reputation IP, i always say that. Reputation IP really matters

@Decyb Your mobile phone contains info which uniquely identifies it. When you create multiple IG accounts, you need to ensure you’re not sending all of your phone’s details. Otherwise the a holes at FB will give you a kick in the nutsack.

There are some posts on the forum that explain how to do it.

Essentially it involves rooting your Android device or installing BlueStacks (Android for your desktop) and changing device data (MAC, ID etc) as well as changing IP address when creating new accounts.

The reason I go to the library is that hundreds (possibly even thousands) of people login, create, and use FB/Instagram there all day (using free wifi). So if some fat prick like me comes in with a bag of donuts, an old Android phone and 20 SIM cards, no one - not even suckerberg - bats an eyelid.

I know there are faster ways to do things (various automated account creation tools) and you can purchase premade accounts… but many of the accounts you buy are just asking for problems. They’ve often got names like “Bob123 Jones” or “Amit365 Habib” and have 4,896 global “friends”…

If you start posting in groups with accounts like this, there’s every chance (even if your page/s) were previously in good standing, you’re going to attract some unwanted attention.

If you take the time, make the accounts seem real, and don’t go crazy from the outset, it’s possible for them to be an asset capable of growing your business long term. I’m not interested in CPA… I’m interested in growing brands, driving traffic and generating sales.



Yeah man I was going to check out VPN’s, i’ll do that today!

Sweet mate cheers for the info, I can use the Library at my Uni for that. I’m just trying to get my CPA off the ground then I’m wanting to switch to more long term niche’s and building a brand/pages from sharing to groups etc!

Cheers for the advice

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Any time @Decyb. Uni library will be perfect. Best of luck.

I agree with @Arthur with some of the IG proxies from highproxies, I couldnt even create IG accounts and some of IG FB accounts got banned right away after creating… but they insisted they are virgin proxies and sort of refused to replace them…:confused: tried a few other proxy providers…rubbish… still looking for hassle free proxies which Im not sure if they exist… hope they improve quality or I’d like to find a more reliable provider…

Yes, unfortunately I see this is a common problem, because all providers will recycle proxies and there are a lot of people out there looking for proxies, so they just switch from one provider to the other, rarely actually getting something fresh. Maybe try new providers on the market, like a couple of months old ones, or do them yourself…

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hi, Arthur, I have the same problem Facebook banned me, every time i try to create a new facebook start block me, i never use a proxy

please can you message me i will show you the checkpoint that i get when i try to open new account