My Facebook ADS account got disabled


Hello everybody!

During 2015’ i was advertising fake replica shoes on Facebook, and my ADS account got disabled.
One time just a strike,
then i came back in the business and they disabled it.
Since then, I asked other people to ADS my post for me, as well, their account got striked and disabled.
I didnt knew in 2015 this gonna affect my “future” as a Web Marketer, I need to be pretty able to do things by my own and not asking people to promote my post.

Now, this problem, is influencing a lot even my Instagram impact, in fact, I Cant promote any post, story, or whatever because my Facebook ADS account is disabled.

Wanna ask,

Thanks buddies!


I doubt you’ll get it back even if you file complaint, but you can always buy new ones:


Thanks @Adnan but i’m too newbie for buy and manage those!


I guess you need to start learning then. We all started from scratch :slight_smile:


I lost my ad account and i can’t unlink it from my instagram because i was running an ad campaign as at the time it got banned. Can anyone help me out here? I will really appreciate it .Thanks.