My First Account just got disabled

Hi everyone! I’m new to this forum and forums in general so I don’t really know the posting thing works.

So today I started setting up my first account, it was an aged account I bought with PVA. So I start setting up the account (changed the username and assigned to my proxy from sslprivateproxys) and then jarvee told me i needed a phone verification. For the phone verification I tried putting in the number I got from speedyverify and as soon as I tried to verify it with the number the account got disabled.

Long story short Im trying to figure out what I did wrong and what’s the best route in setting up Instagram accounts up in jarvee.

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Welcome to the forum!

So for starters it could be a bunch of different factors in my experience.

  1. First the proxy and a location change or jump from the previous accounts logged in location triggered a phone verification which lead to it being disabled. Could also be a bad proxy that was abused and is blocked/blacklisted by Instagram.

  2. Scenario 2, could be the fact that you logged in from a strange location AND changed the username, which is suspicious behavior for an account in general, regardless of Jarvee or any app. You’ll even get these from the app itself if you jump around weird WiFi or computers.

  3. Third scenario, and in my mind the most problematic is the number used to phone verify. It’s possibly a strange foreign number or previously abused number connected to other accounts – as it’s an internet number, who knows what was tied to it before.

To remedy this, you could try using a real sim in the future with your own mobile device, or a friends/family members number that isn’t tied to any Instagram accounts for verifying, then at least you know it’s a quality number.

In the meantime, if the account is valuable to you and you have access to the original email address used to register it or tied to it in the profile page, then you can appeal the ban to get it back as you didn’t do anything to result in the thing being deactivated – but it’s Instagram’s security system automatically deactivating for suspicious behavior. The form for appealing it is here:


Thanks for the info and the welcome man! So if I understand correctly there’s really no way of knowing the history of the number of the SIM card you get when you use a service like simply verify, so it’s kinda a use at your own risk type thing. On another note How long would you recommend I wait before changing the username on an aged account ?

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