My First Experiment with Instagram Boting - Help!

i am so excited joining this forum because of the exposure i have gotten recently on how to grow my Instagram account. The tips and tricks learnt here have encouraged me to create my own Instagram accounts. in fact i have 25 accounts and another 50 is on the way.

My dilemma:

Because i am still new to Instagram, im not sure if the accounts (25) are growing the way it should - like on this forum ive heard people growing their newly created accounts by 100+ followers/daily -with tool of course, but it seems my accounts just cant get more than 5 people to follow per day. it looks so slow…btw i am using gmt2 with default warm up settings on these accounts)

Today makes it 2 weeks and all followers on accounts is 720.

Secondly and most IMPORTANTLY i cant seem to get the posting aspect right -

how can i mass-post on these accounts?

im hoping there is a feature on gmt2 that can mass post and schedule my contents. pls i will need someone to explain this aspect for me, i tried looking here for answer but cant find or any helpful url to point me how to do it correctly will be appreciated.

Also if you guys will be kind enough, how can i scrape the right source for my niche. any tool or process will be appreciated also.

I don’t understand how some people never heard of youtube :sleepy: this explains how to get sources for JARVEE.
Post your follow tool settings.

@florin22xxl youtube is awesome it’s just he uses gmt2

gmt2 tutorials:


@florin22xxl tanx for the video…i actually searched youtube but no english tutorial on gmt2…i will post my setting shortly

@kripke i have read the tut on the link…just not getting it…will really love to watch a video

@florin22xxl @kripke here is my account settings

Follow settings:

delay after each operation (minutes)

Delay betweeen each individual interaction (seconds)

Amount of user to interact per operation

Max Hour

max day

max follow ratio

max day since last post

post follow

amount of post to like

delay between each like
chance to like images

(Accounts with this settings average follower less than 10 for past 2 weeks)

I actually thought that as the day goes by, the follower will increase to 200/daily. buts its two weeks now. what do you guys think i can do to improve this engagement

Hey I really can’t tell you because that depends on so many other things (mainly account creation, proxys, links…) I just suggest starting low and raising it. And be careful with likes - I would not suggest starting with so many likes - but again everything could work for. You are the only one who can can figure that out :slightly_smiling_face:

@kripke i didnt edit the default setting i just imported to my account… are you suggesting i disable the like setting?

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Problem should be your sources. How did you pick them?

Other thing to consider is your account’s profile (username, name, picture, bio and feed). If your accounts look spammy, fewer people you follow them.

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Yes, GMT2 has mass posting feature, it’s named Batch Publisher.

@Daenerys_Insta i actually created them myself…all gmail and they are well profiled imo.
I wish there is a vid to explain how to import photos and comments in gmt2…

If you just get 5 people out 200 follows something must be wrong. Its a FBR of 2,5%. If you have the right content for the right targets FBR should be much higher. So first as @Daenerys_Insta said check your sources and your content.

If your content and sources are fine I assume there is something wrong with your creation process. Only the fact that you are able to create accounts does not mean they are any good. Leaving a footprint is not always triggering a PV or EV. I had poorly created accounts they never got PVd or EVd but they did not get reach at all. Instagram just did not trust them and not show them. I watched them 3 weeks never got actionblocks or anything - but they were just crap. Started new accounts with a better creation method but the same content (repost sources, spintax) and the same follow sources and they are growing well.

One big advantage of having many accounts is you can make your own testing. If you compare 1 account with another account that does’nt say a lot but when you compare 5 Accounts with 5 accounts you get an idea what’s going on. So what I suggest (after checking your content and sources) Try creating (or buy) Accounts in a different way and watch how they grow.

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Tanx @kripke for shedding some more light… I dont know if i mention, this accounts dont do any engagement but follow and like…at least that is what i noticed from the settings i downloaded. I was just thinking of boosting the engagement with reupload content…do you think that will help or could it be my scrapping source is limited?

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it’s early here ^^ you need to explain me what you mean with “any engagement” you mean comments or dm?

Which content you use now? And which scraping sources? And are you talking about scraping follow sources or scraping content? :coffee:


All accounts are just follow and like…no comment, photosharing no dm or other types of activities.

scraping source - getting the right people to follow. can gmt2 do this?

Yes -

So you just have 9 pics there and are not posting? Of course posting content will get you more followers. Everytime you post there is a chance new people see it and follow you.

Thank you for helping out with the resources…i am about to try using the batch publisher to post my content. I will update how it goes soon. @kripke

Keep us updated @Cobby_007 Good Luck!

@kripke Tanx bro