My followers stats (looking for analitycs)

hello there, I have a request from a customer.
he wants to know who’s following him (basically want to know which big accounts follow him)
there was a tool on socialblade before they shut it down, anything on the web?



The tool that I’ve created some months ago doesn’t allow you to know if some ‘big account’ is following you, but you can know some useful stats about followers’ quantity :slight_smile: if you want to try it you can check it on!

the same here:

and here:


@francescovaglia that was not the question :smiling_imp:

Sorry @abhorash89 for offtopic in the thread, but now you have at least a choice :sunglasses:

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you can know some useful stats about followers with this tool check it out .

@abhorash89 - I am using ninjalitics as well. Provides great details. If your profile doesn’t exist in the system, you need to add it and check progress after few days!

This one works great too! Gave me instant analytics. Does it work similar to ninjalitics?