My IG account gets limited due to change of password?

Hi mates,

I forgot the password of one IG account. Yesterday I made 3 attempts but could not log into it on the PC.

So I decided to change the password of this IG account on the mobile. Finally I can log into it on the PC.

Today when I open the IG app on the mobile. I can not refresh feeds and all other modules. Is this IG account limited temporarily?

Does IG show you any error when you try to refresh your feed? what do you mean by you can’t refresh the feed? can you share some screenshots so that we can have a better look?

No, can you still log in to the account on your PC? If yes, there’s nothing to worry about. Log out from the PC, then re-login on your mobile. It should work.

Just like Ossi said, I log it out from the PC and re-login it on my mobile. It works fine. Thank you.