My IG Account is Compromised using JV

Hy, I have so many hopes from this beautiful social media community. Please help me out from this problem, My client is getting disappointed after this and not ready to trust me. I Have Running 200 likes per day with using 15 hashtags that’s it.

The last few month this has been a problem for everyone, just use the search function. Many people have created a lot of threads regarding this topic…

Search button in the top right corner of this forum buddy

you have to invest your time in reading for many hours on this forum otherwise I dont think you will be able to keep up with this chaos going on.

Communicate with your clients, everybody has these issues including manual users.


I know it sounds annoying but rest for a week, do manual actions in the mean time. Then use warm up settings. I wouldn’t go over 150 likes either.


Yes. In Jarvee they will tell you how to reset the password to not be compromised. Rest. Start slow.