My IG account was hacked, can a hacker steal back my account if I have 2 step verification

Hi guys,

I just been through a nightmare when I made the stupid decision to sell my acc directly to a person but not a good person and in the process to receive $ I given the password and was sure the original email was kind of the master key that will give me back the control of my account if ever I get into trouble but it was a big mistake the hacker changed everything in maybe 30 sec and the no real help from IG even with 3-4 request with all my ID proof

so this hacker hack a lot of accounts in my niche he tries to sell back hacked acc (but keeping the acc and $) and buy acc without sending $ and sell shoutout from them!

he asked us to just give the password as guaranty before the very good price of the transaction will be sent to us so he gets many acc without paying 1 $ for

so when I found my account with a different username I tried to contact him through my others IG accounts and the told him to give me back my account … to make a long story short I had a screenshot of him and his passport from our skype call so I send him message from 1 account that I will publish the information all over IG but still there, it was not a big problem for him until…

I tried making him believe that many account owners wanted to buy shoutout from is 200 k account to get his attention (probably a hacked one acc also) but it was just me using others IG acc as incognito that I have in this niche

so we set some plan to do shoutout for a good costly price for few accounts ( of mine ) and in this process I got is PayPal email ( was my goal to have more things to negotiate with him after in the final battle) and finally, I said to him through different acc in DM “let this guy have back his account if not we don’t buy until u give him back” (was only me but on different on acc from DM in same niche)
then I saw a real change from this strategy and he was like OMG if I continue to keep this guy acc I’m going to lose all those clients that want to buy a lot of shoutout in next days so he finally say to a client ( was me ) " told him I’m going to give back his acc" so I got it back but was a real battle to the end …

so today looking at his 200 k acc I saw a comment from a 23-year-old man that was hacked with a 70k acc for maybe 3-5 days if not more so I try to help him as IG just send auto-reply even if we reply with what they ask for more ID? no real help sadly

trying to put pressure on him again he said that it was not my business and if I continue he will still back my 50k acc that I use for my business BTW connected to my e-commerce and doing retargeting on facebook? because of the original email he said he can get it back? so I just wonder if it is true? he has the original email and me also but I placed a new password + a 2 step verification SMS so I’m just curious about if he can still hack me probably not right?

Sorry dude that sucks, well played though - 2 Step I’m pretty sure your safe.

Thanks, I think also that I’m pretty safe