My IG account wont reactivate


So i have got my account banned XXXX times, got it activated all the time.

now, this time it seems like its harder! they removed the option where u " fill out some numbers and take a pic" send back etc.

i only get the " why im not agreeing wih permanent ban" even here i got my account activated xxxx times. but this time no…

I have used stuff like i will get my lawyer in etc to scare them up but nothing works lol.

First time im having this issue…like i said, i manage to activate the account SEVERAL times before.

its a girl 170k account. so i just dont want to throw it away. there were no nudes posted.
I ususally reposted pics like Gianna, jailynojeda etc…

So… are you asking for help or just telling us your account is permanently banned?


I would gladly take some help on how to get it back, yes

Well I don’t think trying to “scare them up” is going to work for one. They have the best lawyers in the world.

Just keep requesting reactivation. Try being nicer for one.

You should submit 2 - 3 times a week until someone is either annoyed enough to reactivate it or you get a new person that just gives it back.

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the lawyer thing was from the forums Influx who " IG king "holds on BHW, it really works sometimes. but not now…

Alright this is what i thought too! i’ll keep sending untill someone is annoyed lol

I also managed to find out that " XXXXX " on their support thing loves to reactivate accounts lol. when i get that person 100% reactivation…

Eh, If I were them I would laugh and not activate the account if I was threatened with a lawyer. Their ToS covers just about anything you can imagine.

I am sure I can threaten them with zippity doo da and what matters most is if you get someone in the right mood. Being nice would certainly go a long way towards that.

Also, edited out their name, as this forum has great SEO and keyword mentions can easily notify them and they may not be as helpful in the near future. Good luck!

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true, i just followed whaat they recommended to try… :slight_smile:

but i understand that most of the times this wont help lol

ah wel, i’ll keep sending and be alot nicer, do you think saying im depressed and wont go to school because of this works? :joy:

No, it probably won’t work. Just stick to being nice and explaining that you do not understand why you constantly get banned.

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So why didnt you changed stuff after first ban???

And keep on trying, email them every day. Don’t stop.

Danny, asking the tough questions

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you cant just change a niche straight away, it does not work like that. And trust me i know…I tried this several times and eng. went from 100% to 2% in less than 24H.

And remove what…my posts? my posts are of bikini girls, like Gianna, Jailyn, Melissalori etc. nothing nude nothing strange, you see Toooooooooooons of girls in bikini on the beach…is that nude? …that would be nudist beach then and not a regular beach…

thanks i’ll email all day :slight_smile:

Yes you can… did this with many bad accs.
Change username/bio/profile pic / delete all posts and start from 0.
Never had any PV/Bans 6th month now.
If you change from adult page to pokemon page yes engagement will be shitty. It’s normal😬

Do you use a tool to automate something?

I think, however, that it is your posts that give the problems. I do not know which texts you use or it may be the same. But posting (Famous ) people can cause problems. I have had this with my adult accounts with famous porn stars.

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i only use the like feature…on FL. nothing else

still i cant go from girls to cars…my followers will drop alot even eng.

@nikkid3an how many likes per hour/day?
Do you run this 24hours and do you post/login via phone when FL works?

500-700 likes / day

acount is 4 years old

im not banned for botting, im banned for " nude or Sexuall posts"

How do you know?

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because thats their respons for my permananet ban? u get it in email…the reason why

Well someone is reporting you. Many people actually. Once they get enough reports, or enough reports on one photo they get ban happy.

And since you already have XXXXX strikes against it, it is highly unlikely they will unban it. But just keep trying.

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this happend alot of times, i managed to recover it every time…just takes time.

It’s also useless to unblock your account if you do the same again. Only adult content Shouldn’t be a problem. I only get a message that IG removed 1 photo i verify and I can continue. Do you Log in / Post on your phone while FL is working?