My Instagram account got disabled, how to find out why?

Hey guys, I’ve used my Instagram account do to business. I was reselling followers, likes and other SMM services through it. People were adding me from my cold email campgains and i was sending them messages with copy-paste. I was sending messages for like 10-20 people a day, without any spyntax and etc. Could it be the reason why my account got banned?

Also, i was sending follow-up messages with the same text without spyntax as well for 20-30 people a day as well, on some days i was sending to even more people.

But all these people for whom i was sending these messages - they all were my followers.

Is it possible that my account got disabled because of sending these messages?

I have plenty of potential customers on that account and i want to get it unbanned as soon as possible. Is it possible to do? And also, is it possible to find out why it got disabled so i don’t get it disabled in the future again?

Please, let me know! Thank you!

Thats the reason.

Were you using any method on your account?

99% you will not be able to get that acc back.

People were adding me on my account from my cold email campgains, i was not sending messages to random people. I was only sending the messages to people who followed me on instagram, who added me from my email marketing campgains.

“Were you using any method on your account?” - can you tell me what do you mean?

Btw, Don’t you think the main reason of why i got disabled is because i was sending messages to 10-20 people daily and sometimes to 20-30 people a day or even more? However all these people were my followers, not accounts that i don’t follow. I was sending same exact copy-paste message without any spyntax, maybe that’s the reason?

If you were using Follow/unfollow.

Yes, you were replying to people. People who saw ur username on email could keep reporting your account.

Its not, reply to DM is not that strict. Was sending 50-100 DMs like that months ago. The other thing is what you were sending there, if an offer of BlackHat of IG…that can be issue also with reporting at same time.

IMO, account is gone.

Thanks for the help a lot!

I was not sending reply to DM, i was sending the message first to people who followed me on Instagram(new followers) or i was sending follow-up messages from my previous conversations with my followers. Sometimes even 30-40 messages a day. You think that’s not the reason?

I remember i got 2 times in the past a warning where i needed to put my mobile number and it was written someting like “we detected unusual activity on your account” , but those 2 times i didnt get disabled , just needed to enter my mobile phone number and confirm it. Maybe that’s why i got disabled for the third time now?

Anyway, if this account is lost, what would you suggest to do in the future to avoid this issue? Maybe i should run multiple instagram accounts on firefox portable and proxy, also use spyntax and don’t put all the eggs into one account? Because all my potential clients are lost too. So if i create many different accounts , then if 1 account get disabled, other 5 don’t get disabled and i’m not at big loss. Or would you even suggest me to do not provide support for my clients through Instagram at all…? Any other solutions?

Yes, create a website and make traffic there from your email campaigns :))

Did you receive this time email from IG or any notification about ur lost account? Like verify or whatever.

No, didnt receive an email. But got a notification that my account is disabled and they asked me to enter the phone number. After i provided the phone number, i got this:

"Thanks for Providing Your Info

We’ll review your info and if we can confirm it, you’ll be able to request a review in the Help Center within approximately 24 hours."

Oh that seems like typical PV.

Try to recover it using IG forms, Recap or FB chat support.

Good luck

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thanks a lot!

but what would you recommend to do for the future?

maybe i should not put all the eggs into one basket and do not direct all my clients to just 1 IG account, but rather to 5 ig accounts for example? also , use spyntax for all the messages that i send? any more ideas?

As I mention before.

Create website, if you get fresh accounts their social proof will suck.

If you consider buying good accounts, will be cheaper to create website.

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I don’t think that is your problem but these days you can’t be 100% sure, I send DMs too and my acc is not disabled. Maybe if you linked your account in cold email msg that you got many spam reports.

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Yeah, you should always use variations when it comes to your DM text message. Also, IG doesn’t like what you are selling as well. Not sure if they have methods to disable an account just because you were promoting selling followers and likes, but there is no doubt that if they know what you are selling that they would ban you.

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