My instagram doesn't grow a year ago

How are you? I would like some advice from you based on experiences you have had. I have a personal account with 40k followers but the truth is that in the last year I have not gain nor 1k, I never used any method other than hashtags in my posts. What service or method would you recommend today in 2020? obviously with no risks. I do not claim 5k per week, I prefer something slow but sure, 50-100 followers daily or something like that.

Thanks for your time!

We would need more data from you in order to understand why your growth is steady / bleeding (niche ? Post frequency ? Quality content ? How you’re engaging with your audience ?),

  • By safe method, you mean not sharing your password ? Then, two options left : IG ads or M/S. In these 2 options, you can find cheap or expensive, depending on the quality you’re looking for or depending on your own budget.

Hi Denis! First of all, thanks for your time! What is M/S? Instagram Ads the only way is in the same app or by FB right? Or other pages offer better ads? - I’m on photography niche.

  • Of course, you can run ads directly from Facebook, or indeed go for shoutouts from big pages. It will also work :slightly_smiling_face:

  • M/S for Mother/Slaves techniques is an advanced IG growth strategy where the main account (mother = your account) get traffic from many smaller pages.

  • Photography niche has plenty of potential - I know it as it’s also my niche

great then your advice is still better for me haha! With which did you get better results or which would you recommend to me of all those?

Thanks Denis

I only use M/S myself as i’m kinda fan of it for its followers quality, but it’s probably the hardest method to setup nowadays so i won’t recommend it.

You should maybe try to train and set-up ads from the FB ads manager, for example (but for growth, it will be costy, like the other methods (shoutouts, M/S)).