My Instagram Loop Giveaway Guide

It seems that a lot of “influencers” are currently using Instagram loop giveaways as a way to push the needle on their account and grow followers. I have a bit of experience I thought I could share and I would also be interested in hearing your experience and thoughts with giveaways on IG.

An overview of this post

me be
reach 40k and not able to grow for 4 months
find out that similar pages are growing huge numbers through loop giveaways
do a few and grow 10k
investigate and discuss with mpsocial

What is a loop giveaway?
A loop giveaway is where a number of Instagram accounts post about a competition with the only entry requirement being that you follow each account in the loop. It originated from posts captioned with “Head to @Barbie’s account and follow the same instructions” and you would loop through 5-50 accounts until you get back where you started. Hence, the loop. At the end of the entry period the captions would change to “break the loop” and stop people being able to easily unfollow everyone they followed to enter.

The modern loop
Modern day giveaways on Instagram don’t often happen from the accounts of influencers but from a separate giveaway account. These giveaway accounts come in niches (luxury, travel, beauty, tech) and will cycle through different giveaways each week/fortnight/month.

Giveaway accounts are run by external parties that gather a fee from entrants ($55 - $1000) and organise the giveaway. The accounts involved in the giveaway are then followed by the giveaway account. Each person in the giveaway then posts the giveaway photo directing their followers to the account to follow who they are following.

But here’s the thing… you don’t have to post. Many giveaway accounts reserve “secret” spots, where you can pay extra to not inform your audience you are part of a giveaway and just receive the followers as part of their entry.

My Experience
In terms of finding giveaways, the best way I have found to do this is by finding other accounts in my niche posting about giveaways and contacting them and/or the external giveaway account and requesting a spot in their next giveaway. Often these are organised on Telegram or WhatsApp and payment is provided through Paypal.

I tried two different types of giveaways. The first - giveaways from my niche and the second, giveaways from non-niche specific posters (found in loop giveaway groups on Telegram). I found that the retention of followers from giveaways is generally around 10%. With of course much better quality followers coming from giveaways that involve accounts that are similar to my own.

I saw giveaways priced from $55 to $1000. The secret option in a giveaway will always be more expensive. After my first public giveaway I decided to only do secret giveaways moving forward as it looks more legit and doesn’t upset my current followers.

There is a learning curve of discovering which giveaways are going to work better than others. Be wary of giveaways that promise huge gains - often they will just purchase fake followers for your account with a portion of the money you paid to enter. Keep note of how many people are entering the giveaway, often users don’t want to follow more than 40 accounts so I would say between 25-35 is best/most realistic.

Obviously there is opportunity for individuals to start making money as giveaway organisers on Instagram by taking a portion of the fee to pay themselves. This might be something one of you are interested in :slight_smile:

I would love to hear about your experience with loop giveaways and what you think of them as a strategy for growing your account.


Personally, I would not recommend giveaways if you are looking for high quality engaging followers.

If you are just looking to increase your number of followers it is a very good option. You can easily organise a giveaway yourself. Bigger accounts often ask for money to be a so called sponsor of the giveaway. So I would recommend just contacting smaller accounts (under 50k) and using their followings to grow your own account (participating silently yourself or as you call it secret spot) by letting them participate for free. Just tell them the price is already payed for and at the end just let a friend or some fake account “win”. It requires some work though contacting all of the accounts and making sure that they all post the giveaway…

You can of course make money with this method too. Often people use one or two big accounts that are full of fake followers to convince people to take part for 50-100$ per spot. Will be more work then as it is harder to catch get people taking part and paying the fee. Of course no real price will be given away at this option too to cash in even bigger :wink:

As is said I don’t recommend this if your are looking for engaging followers for one of your own accounts. Of the initial followers you get at least 20-30% will unfollow after the giveaway is over. This is not the big problem, but you will still have many dead accounts that won’t engage with your content. Some will just not be interested in your content and other profiles have only been set up for a chance to win the prize and will be abandoned afterwards.


Thank you, @Instagirl, for the very detailed description. Must haven taken some time to write it and I am sure you did it to share something with this community, what is always great.
As you said, with this approach, a lot of new followers are possible.

As @Phago has stated - unfortunately - there is a huge disadvantage. He described it already very well and I would like to show a statistic of someone who participated in a loop give-away-competition.

:one: Growth due to the loop-give-away:


:heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign:

:two: What happened after the round:

She lost DAILY followers. And here engagment rate was damn low. Beforehand, she has never used any automatisation, but because this loop giveaway killed her engagement rate and therefore her organic growth, she started f/u. And this is only reason why she was able to grow, but look, it was still not a “good growth” any more:

Lets have a short look at the figures.
Followers before the loop giveaway: 34K
Followers 1 day after the loop giveaway: 52K
Followers today (one year later!!): 50K

So there is no more growth, there is a decrease of followers. The decrease would be even faster if she didnt decide to use automatisation:

:three: “Never ever a loop giveaway?!?”

I asked her what she thinks about loop giveaways now. She said, she wouldnt do it again, only if the other participants are in the same niche and if the giveaway is related to her niche. Maybe it would be also useful to set the accounts to private during the loop giveaway to avoid attracting “golddiggers”


Thank-you for taking the time to read about my experience. I certainly don’t think it’s the best way to gain, and this is one example where the user definitely hasn’t had long-term success from participating in a giveaway.

I think it’s important for people to know these stats are available so that they can take them into consideration when deciding to do a giveaway (obviously these screenshots are from socialblade which is down at the moment for IG but IGBlade can be used).

For instance, I wouldn’t personally buy into a giveaway that predicted such a large growth as it would create a very evident spike. Also, there is a huge risk that users will become dependent on giveaways to grow - which is why you do have to be very particular with the accounts you are working with, the way you engage with new followers and the content you post to keep them around. It’s far from a perfect solution, but I don’t think that it can be completed disregarded as a growth strategy.


Completely understand where you are coming from on the potential monitisation of these. Not my style to run a fake giveaway but I guess it is an option and I’m sure people are doing it!


I don’t do it either, but I am sure 99% of the giveaways are fakes…
Its just so easy as no one will ever find out.


Can someone drop the @ of an active “giveaway” account

Just searched “loop giveaway” and this one appears to be super active -

anon? is that you?

I want to share with you guys this awesome randomizer for Instagram Loop Giveaway –
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I am thinking of organizing a loop giveaway. if interested, please contact me.

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Hi Im interested in giveaway loops I know you posted it almost one year ago but let me know if you have something ongoing! Thanks

Hi all, I’ve had great success growing my followers with Brazilian giveaways. I’m very interested in growing my accounts with Colombian or Asian , int’l giveaways. The engagement is horrible, no doubt, this is mainly for numbers. If you know of any services please DM me.