My Instagram notifications are gone

My Instagram is update to last version.

It’s been 2 or 3 weeks since my notifications looks like this.
They don’t show me more than few hours of history and likes are all together, not anymore notified as single one.

Also my version hasn’t reels yet :zipper_mouth_face:

Anyone else?


Which country?
And did you try changing devices (different phones)?

Taiwan. but asking around seems I am the only one. Nope I haven’t tried changing phone. I am on Iphone 11 pro atm

Try to run IG update from your phone, maybe there is some newest version where you will have reels. I also got it recently, didn’t have it for a long time.

All my accounts are normal, haven’t noticed that issue. Have you tried to log out log in again to see if that helps?

click on your home, and it’s on top right corner now… next to the direct message

That’s not the issue here :roll_eyes:
I’ve found one guy who has same issue. It may be an update.
End of notifications = end of likes and follow/unfollow strategies

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I’ve noticed a weird glitch with notifications lately on one account, which might be a bug/symptom related to the new stupid grouping of them (which is an absolutely terrible user experience even if you aren’t automating).

That one account has been randomly showing up with a completely blank notifications page with “Your notifications will show here” or whatever the message says.

Don’t know if it’s been going on for 2-3 weeks, just started seeing it a few days ago. Maybe it’s been there longer though. Timing seems about right for a rollout of a “feature” so who knows.

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feels like f/uf +like doesnt work for long time, explore page way faster I dono why people still f/uf

that’s weird I have never seen that , try to login from your browser or using a 4g proxy and see and make sure that you have the updated IG version as well.

The same thing happens to my accounts.

It’s like Tiktok now.

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Hate this update, have to manually check the babes who liked the content lol :innocent:

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its like IG heard my prayers! Few weeks ago I asked how ppl maintain manually respond to comments between all the likes, its impossible when you run few pages 10k+. and I’m tired searching comments to respond…now this update is absolutely perfect!! for many reasons they have should done it way way back. Update 10/10 love itt


they should create different sections for each notification, same as tiktok

ok elaborate.
but don’t come here just for telling us…
“create good content and use hashtags bla bla”

I want this update. All I see are likes from reels every second. It’s frustrating when you run bigger accounts :confused:

I’m sorry but I did not get what are you referring to, can you elaborate more?

Dont use hashtags, my best advice

Do me a favor bikini boy.

Delete your account from MP and go to spam somewhere else

one of my slaves are 8.7k, created less then 4months, used 0 hashtags to grow why you think I spam, take it or leave it