My Instagram Page Not Found After Using Jarvee

Hello Everyone,

I’m new here. I have been looking for ways to grow my Instagram account and I saw that most people were talking about Jarvee so I registered and currently I’m on jarvee 5 days free trial.

I ensured to follow the settings top Instagram marketers recommended so as to avoid been blocked. I ran the software yesterday to gain followers and everything was fine. I was able to follow 28 followers all through yesterday but today, I got action blocked from Instagram so I decided to stop the software completely for today.

However, when I tried to log in to my Instagram account on my PC, I got the message “page not found. Error, please wait a few minutes before you try again”. I tried again, but I got the same message. I even tried to log in to my Instagram on mobile, I got the same message. I switched my internet from wifi to mobile internet, till the same issue.

It’s been like this for the past 8hours. Though I can see other people’s feed on Instagram but if I click to check their account, I will also get the same message “page not found”. I can’t even access my account settings.

Please, do you think my account has been banned by Instagram? I have no idea what’s happening. Please, tell me what you think is happening to my account. If you have experienced this before, how did you solve it? Thank you.

PS: I created my account since 2012.


The error has been solved. It was a rate limit error that happened because I opened a lot of profile urls when I was doing research for my source to be used on Jarvee. So, I found out that the error has nothing to do with Jarvee. And I’m glad to have gained experience about the issue of “page not found” on Instagram because I have learned from it. Thanks to everyone who replied on this post. Cheers!

Never saw this before, weird. But your profile loads correctly here.

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Yes it does when I viewed my profile on my friend’s phone using her own account to view my account.

But when I log out her account and log in my own account credentials, it showed me the same error. I think I am the one blocked from viewing my account. And I’m confused because this is the first time I’m experiencing this.

Let it rest for 24 hours. Sound like a bug

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Thank you.

But I cannot logout since the page is blank. Maybe I will just close the browser and ignore the account completely for today. I just hope that when I check tomorrow, everything should be fine.

Clear all cookies where it’s logged in? Some say it helps with this error

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Well noted. Thank you.

could be banned ? if it says no results found

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I’m also thinking it could be banned but then, it is loading well and it’s accessible by others on Instagram. So, maybe it’s not banned.

Just that I’m the only one that can’t access my profile.

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It’s a rate limit error for opening too many profile url with the account too fast. You can’t access other accounts either when you get rate limited like that, not just your own.


Oh, I see.

Yes, I opened so many profile url 2 days ago when I was doing research for my “source” to be used on Jarvee. Now that you mentioned it, that must have been the reason.

What do you think I can do to rectify this rate limit error?

Just go slower to avoid hitting the limit. If you need to open a lot of profiles in a short amount of time, spread it out between different logins you have (the rate limit is per login not per connection). Once you end up with the error, you have to wait (sometimes hours) for it to go away.

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Thank you for the advice. Everything is back to normal now. I won’t make such a mistake again as experience is the best teacher.

glad to help :slight_smile:

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Change the IP address its been blocked. So if you have a home router turn it off wait a few mins then back on. Check that the IP has changed. :+1:

In my experience, changing the IP won’t help. The rate limit is on the account level, not connection level.

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I appreciate your response. Everything is working fine now. @hw711 explained the reason to me. It was because I already exceeded the rate limit of opening profile url. So waiting for hours without doing anything on my account solved the issue.

It didn’t work too when I changed the IP and turned off the router. The rate limit is definitely on account level.

I have encountered the same issue since yesterday when I uploaded a photo to my Ins account. I did not open any profile and I just clicked a few hashtags. I wondered why this issue happened to me. My account was not blocked because someone can still give “like” to my photos. This means my account is still activated but I am restricted to open any account’s profile.

What I can do to fix this issue? Someone can help me? Thank you in advance.



Hi, @ahyobammy, how many hours did you take to wait for the issue to be fixed? I encountered the same error issue yesterday and it is still not fixed till now.