My Instagram Page Not Found

Hello Everyone,

I’m new here.

Last month a follower emailed me to say my account has gone missing or she can not view it on instagram search. It says “Page not found”

Since realising this, many more followers have done the same and emailed me,

I can log into my account - and post - but not all my followers can see me. And instagram has unfollowed me from their accounts.

It’s been like this for the past 4 weeks. Though I can see other people’s feed on Instagram but if I click to check their account, I will also get the same message “page not found”. I can’t even access my account settings.

Please, do you think my account has been banned by Instagram? I have no idea what’s happening. Please, tell me what you think is happening to my account. If you have experienced this before, how did you solve it? Thank you.

PS: I created my account since 2012.
Account: @phoebegreenacre

Can you try logging out of the app and in again?

The account is not disabled - maybe it has a pending verification (Phone Verification, Review, etc.)

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I can log in and I have deleted and reinstalled. So not sure what’s going on?

I can visit your IG profile. The profile also appears when I search it. Try logging in to the account on another device and the follower who emailed you if she/he can now view your profile.

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I’ve just tried to see your IG account but it shown me the message that it couldn’t been found. It must be some sort of verification request.

I’m able to see your account normally as well. Have you tried contacting Instagram?

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I’ve contacted them through the app - but no reply. Not sure how else to contact them?

I have done that many times. It’s not just one person - about 20+ Have contacted me saying they can’t see it.

Change your bio – ( give it 24 hours to get in the feed – see if that works – if it does not, put the original back.

3 years ago I had 2 accounts with the same bio – one had problems like yours, and did above steps. Hopefully it will work

This is what was referring to, to contact them through the app. Do you run facebook ads or run Instagram ads through FB ads manager? I know that there is a faster way to contact facebook support for accounts that spend some money on ads, and then they can maybe help you with the Instagram account.

I would love the faster way, one of my accounts I’ve been spending over $500 in ads so I think that qualify? :stuck_out_tongue:

This seems to be a bug from IG’s end. One of my clients had the same things happen.

What’s weird is, the profile can be seen normally on the app, but doesn’t show up when using Instagram on a browser like Chrome.

Edit: The problem seems to be limited to mobile browsers only. Can access it normally on desktop browser & app.