My Instagram story views dropped drastically

Hey guys,

I posted this earlier and it seems mpsocial removed it. Was it because I added my Instagram link to where the problem was happening? Please advise.

Secondly the post was about how my story views had dropped. Before we were getting 400 to 1000 and now all I get are 90 to 200. Is there something I did wrong? Did anyone else experience this drop in story views? I have added two snapshots that show my story traffics before and what they are now. Thanks … Zen

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i think is that because IG doesn’t allow bots to watch massive stories. So you dont see all the fakes or botting account


This might have happened because of the crackdown on mass story viewing. Also it could happen if you unfollowed big accounts in your niche as you will no longer be targeted as a part of their followers.

Ok that makes sense but I don’t buy followers or views. Where are the bots coming from?

ny story views also drop down abit in this 3 weeks and the amounts of likes also drop
my friend have the same problem
and we are trying to understand why
but for now we don’t have a solution :thinking:

@zenmagafrica how many followers you have on this account?

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I didn’t unfollow any big accounts trust me

I have 68k on my account so crazy why it happened to me. I think Instagram are trying to force people to spend money on advertising so they intentionally restrict your viewers from seeing your content. It’s just sad. You spend so many years to build your profile legitimately only for them to now shield your viewers from your own content so that you can be forced to do advertising

yes. it’s a free social media – and you get mad at that? it’s the way it is, not sad – called paying the bills

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Not mad… just wanna know if it’s a general thing or just happening to my own account

I agree 100% I’m tired of sending the same message in many posts, when people will understand it???
When they will stop bitching and be thankful that they can earn some money with a free platform???


Mass looking services are down , at least most of them, Most of people watching rig stories were bots! Annoying I know happening the same to me’ can’t go past 200 story views with 6k followers

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for 68K account your “good” time with 1000 story views is also not so good
but 400 now its mach worse

im having 20k and my “good” time was 1200 story views (i think its shit)
and now im getting 800 max

i think that IG punish people that doing alots of F/U actions
i see it happen to alots of accounts that do F/U
everyone not get passed the 1500 views

you grow your account by doing F/U actions?

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I think people have a right to vent… you spend years building a profile legitimately only for them to only allow 3% of those followers the right to see your content. If they knew that was the plan from the beginning they should have said so and many people won’t even waste their time in the first place

You are even trying to do 200 views… mine doesn’t pass 200 and I have over 60k followers

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I never did follow and unfollow dear. With 60k I should be getting 2000 likes or more and more story views but that isn’t the case at all. Sometimes I get tired of Instagram and there changes. LinkedIn and Twitter are my favorite places now because they don’t restrict your content to only a percentage. They let everybody see it

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ya can thank masslooking – either stopping it viewed en mass or AC from who used it – less view your stories, less will see it as time goes on

Funny how everyone keeps blaming Masslooking.

While I’ve been having this exact problem for over a year now.

And still no solutions at all. Smh

I’ve experienced a drop in story viewership. On my 550k account it barely touches 10k, depending on the content. Other times it’ll hit 50k.

However, on a new account I’ve been growing now around 3k, I get views in the 50k-80ks. One time even 100k. On a small 3k page!

So my theory is it depends on the niche and type of content you post.

Do you grow your new account 100% organically and not at all spam actions ?

What strategies do you use to get that many story views?